Poetry Corner Returns

Hi guys. Poetry corner returns with two poems from Brandisi. I have requested biography information for you but until then I give you the poems.

Who’s To Blame?

Bang, bang, bang, goes another shot in da manor,
Is there any solution’s to stop all this anger?
Another youth dead, who’s to blame for all these crimes,
someone take responsibility because you’re affecting us with your grime!
Are there no more limits?
Do people no longer have standards and morals?
Children are not being spared from this world’s increase in despicable acts,
someone listen carefully, because these are facts!
A way of life for our youth of today,
conditioned into believing this is what life is about,
money, drugs and crime now that’s not anything to shout about?
I proportion the blame, starting from the top,
working it’s way down to infest our poorer communities like a deadly virus.
People being manipulated!
What about us?
There’s no overall cure at the moment, because we don’t have any answers,
too stop the hatred, we are all getting flustered!
Should we blame dysfunctional families, no!
Blame the doctrines they have been conditioned with.
Method’s of conquest, who is really winning?
Trust me when I tell you, no-one ain’t singing!
Especially to the parents who has lost a son or daughter,
their lives changed forever, to this mindless slaughter.
Economic wars or should I say manufactured,
materialism replacing religion,
stunting the ladders of progress, let me stress!
Your children are being re-educated not to be all they can be,
But to serve a sub-system, which will reject them in the end, my friends.
Then what will you do, because of what I see a lot of you ain’t got a clue, you fools?
The youth are the way they are,
because you have been conditioned to condition them,
creating monsters, with your over zealous ways of upbringing,
and now they are drinking your poison and throwing their lives away!
But who’s to blame?
When your kids offend,
you no longer want to take responsibility for their actions,
being raised by soaps and movies on TV,
educated by their play station games, what a crying shame,
has this become the leader and new way of their first thoughts of the day!
But who’s to blame?

We class ourselves as a tolerant society,
but in actual fact we are extremely intolerant!
Parents entering their young daughters into beauty pageants,
you got girls as young as six years old talking about lip gloss and sex.
Did you know you can buy thongs for seven year olds!
What about teens with their latest thing, it’s not a new phenomenon, but nowadays they called it ‘Sexting’.
It’s when young people mainly at school age take explicit pictures of themselves on their mobile phones and send it to a boyfriend or girlfriend, which in turn if things go wrong it then may end up in different hands, are you getting it now but who’s going to take stand or say something about this tumultuous behaviour.
It’s derogatory and immoral and it breaks the boundaries of privacy.
Cant’ you see what this is doing to them in the long run most will end up in places so dark.
Don’t you think it’s better for them to be playing or kicking a football in the park?
Wake up people this ain’t no fallacy or joke, next thing you know your child is high and messed up on coke or even crack, or they might get snatched and sold on as sex slave or worse and it will be you the parent dipping into your purse and wallets to pay for their funeral, no one wants to bury their child before themselves!
What about young adult women getting silicone jabs to make their bottoms look bigger, and other conditioned followers getting pumped up lip fillers, just because they think it will make them famous inside a industry filled with fakery and pretentious people, who will use them till their no use anymore and when they reach a certain age they’ll be tossed out and onto the scrap heap like a rag doll or teddy bear in the end do you think this is fair?
Why is it the norm for nearly 80% of young people to have sex high on drugs and alcohol, making their first experience forgetful and rubbish is that the way to go, attitudes have got worst and way to out of control?
But who’s to blame?
Is this exploitation on young people’s lives’?
Do you think these children and young adults are being treated right?
Too look better but for who!
What are we going to do, if this is all they see everyday in the media!
Who do people get on appearance and looks first,
is this a thirst for fastracked notoriety and fame?
What kind of game is this ain’t you getting pissed right about now?
But who’s to blame?

In a world where many people have fallen out with the love of life,
how much longer are you going to except all the strife that is coming your way,
everyday, this is not a game we all play,
it’s your life, banish the strife,
take time, to restore your values and morals,
why you still think you can do so?
How important do you think you are?
We must except first that we live in a world
where we are looked upon different and not as equals!
Doesn’t mean you’re less of a person or this disminisous you!
Society has turn’t a bunch of us into self-obsessed, narcissistic individuals
and fame is the altar which most people worship, ethics have been gone for far too long!
But who’s to blame?
Ask yourselves who is prematurely destroying our institutions,
evoking anger and confusion amongst our nation,
which was once in unison enjoying celebrations of the good things in life,
nowadays some of us don’t even trust our own husband’s or wives!
Who has tampered with the mechanisms of societies fabrics?
There was a time where life was in strict and just order,
for the most part now we have to much erratic slaughter!
What we have been left with is disorganized and arbitrary administration,
that tampers with the cornerstone of free existence!
Who is abling laws without actual change,
Who’s keeping this truth from us,
which we must all ascertain?
Who distorts our minds through contradictory interpretations?
What kind of people are displaying such wickedness?
This is way too much stress.
But who’s to blame?


Remember how you used to treat me?
Beating my commitment to you… with words
actions… shit I can describe as foul… wrong
or shall I say unjust.
So far from what was once, you and I
One… split into two.
There’s me, see, but there’s no you,
and maybe I believed that I shouldn’t have
been alone.
So I replaced you with excuses. Cursed the
silence of the phone.
Ran to answer knocks at the door, knocks I
never heard.
When I accepted being in love, I accepted
being absurd.
Just knowing that you would come around, right?
Please come around, and so I ignored
the let downs and tried to get back to that place we used to call…
Frilly 4 letter words… I used to prove you had
it all.
My heart, your man, my baby, your boo.
Refreshing my memory, trying to play it cool
Told me you wrote the script and so I guess
I played the fool. Damn, remember how you
used to treat me?
Funny thing about it is that I can’t blame you.
I wore the badge of the ripped, torn and tattered.
Sadly wore a mask over a pride piqued and battered,
even now I feel your presence… So I’m never
totally free.
Remember how you used to…
Clearly… now I see… it was how I treated me.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Corner Returns

  1. Ivory Moseley says:

    I liked both poems
    the 1st one “Who’s To Blame?” is very angry poem but also has a feeling of a call for help for society. The poet definitely had something to get off their chest and conveyed it well
    My only bad comment and its very petty is i thought it was a little long

    the 2nd one “Remember?” i liked the best out of the two. You can feel the person’s pain over their relationship and i’m sure many people can relate. I like at the end that the poet
    also related how they played a part in what happened as well (which a lot people dont do when a relationship fails)

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