Excerpts from Internet Land

Hey guys. I am not participating in the strike on January 18, 2012 but my support will be in giving you the information you can read for yourself.  And I didn’t post this until today.




You are all aware of the strike taking place from January 18 until January 24, 2012 to protest the following:  SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)  and PIPA (Protect IP Act) on the internet.  They are two bills designated to go in front of the House of Representatives and the Senate this year for approval.   Read http://www.blogher.com/learn-more-about-sopa-pipa-and-todays-internet-strike-0  which can be found on www.blogher.com.  You can also find it on www.eff.org and www.lorelle.wordpress.com and a host of other websites.  They have stages a blackout censorship of the wordpress websites in protest of the bill.  And you will not be able to read their website during that time.

http://www.blogher.com/we-need-talk-about-piracy-we-must-stop-sopa-first?page=0,0  This is another article on it.  Switching gears here is an article on plagiarism:  http://www.blogher.com/prominent-food-blogger-discovers-plagiarized-ebook.



Doctor shopping? Should you do it?  Please read the article:  http://www.blogher.com/10-tips-help-you-find-right-doctor?wrap=blogher-topics/health/medical&crumb=32399

For women like me who are approacing 40 years of age, nutrition is important.  As well as watching our weight and making sure if we still would like to have children that we are capable of having a semi-problem-free pregnancy.  Please read http://www.blogher.com/life-changing-ways-upgrade-your-diet?from=topic&wrap=  and then you may actually want to subscribe to the blog http://www. appetiteforhealth.com .

I like reading these articles because they interested me and answered some of my questions.  For instance, maintaining your health. After 30 I had a sister or a roommate that wanted to eat healthier and to take better care of herself and her body.  So we started eating fresh food and meat and home cooked meals as oppose to processed food and take out. Don’t get me wrong we did eat that too, and at restaurants but our meals were healthy.  We had meat (not all the time), and we have veggies and/or starches.  And we drank juice more than soda and we ate sweets but in moderation.  And we had our coffee too.  But that didn’t pop up all the time. Sometimes, we would go without coffee.  I however,walk into walls sometimes. So I really do need my coffee sometimes.  That is a helpful website.  Waiting for my password and username link.

The two bills on the internet I am interested in because I need to know for future use particularly since I want to purchase both my blogs and unite them maybe into one website.  This way the name and the work stays together. And I can copyright it under both names.  Seems like a good idea.  And its reasonably priced too.  Also I know the cost of copyright now, as I have to send in the money. But I am waiting on that but can’t wait much longer. I am looking for some work. Funny, I thought I was getting somewhere as long as I didn’t get to crossed, or too angry, or too argumentative and it would get better.  I don’t believe that has happened.  I think the lady or ladies including myself have a lot of problems to deal with and we need to evaluate who we are with or are going to be with.  And for the record, I have to say, if that man or woman is in love with you and wants the best, he won’t mind what you do for a living. Think of General Hospital- I think that some of this goes back to Brenda, look at Robin and Patrick, look at Lulu and Dante and look at Maxie and Spinelli.  If they love you, then you can do what you choose to do. If your life is in danger such as Sams and Jason’s lives due to their job, then they work it out.  But if they don’t care, like Kate and Sonny, then I suggest you put on the brakes, and have an attorney like Diane or Alexis at your side to protect your rights.  And it helps if they are sober.  (Attorneys [some] can drink like fish.)  So I think we all have to learn as we go.

So I can’t really think of anything else to say or write about at this moment in time.  So I am going to close it out.

For those in the know:  the election is this year.  Even a little participation helps. So do SOMETHING.

For those in the know:  we all identify with something around us as depicting a characteristic of ourselves or our own physcial self.  So what do you identify yourself as: I picked the snail to show for those in the know because the slow one is the one we think doesn’t know anything.  But we do listen and we pay attention even if we appear to be the slowest one in the bunch.  I also think of myself as a nice cuddly person. But the lady is always a koala, a cougar is the prowler and for men the black cat signifies someone in search of waiting in the trees.  So if you know what you are, maybe you drop a line and we can see what you see yourself as.

Here are some quotations from a book I found in the house closet.  It is called Self-Defined edited by Sara Nelson.  I will give you the page and the quote.

p.ps 178-179:  “Character-the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life- is the source from which self-respect springs.  Joan Didion.

pps180-181:  “This above all: To thine own self be true…”

pps122-123: ” Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is enlightenment.” Lao Tzu

pps66-67:  “How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone.”  Coco Chanel.

pps30-31:  “Be yourself and you’ll be more than you ever thought of being.  Janis Joplin.

And last but not least the one that I think represents us all at some point in our lives found on page 9 from the Talmud:  ” If I am not myself who will I be?  And if I am only for myself, what am I?”

All of these can be found in the book. I think you should purchase it, read it, indoctrinate it and learn to love the skin your in.

Happy 2012- Meet Your Goal and Excel Beyond Your Dreams.


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