I was informed that AMC and OLTL were leaving the air. Slightly disappointed because the shows were ones I watched.  So now there is just General Hospital.  Got to love General Hospital. In fact, if you are watching now,  Carly is sleeping with Johnny, Anthony is marrying Tracy, Robin is leaving Patrick to hide her treatment and exacerbation of her HIV symptoms, Lulu and Dante got married, Sam and Jason got married, Brenda married Sonny then left Sonny after her son with another mob boss’s son came to light and her son was threatened returning overseas and then divorcing Sonny who then went back to Kate who almost died on their wedding day. Kate now hates Sonny and is only using him for revenge.   Everyone else is doing okay.  Except that Maxi is no longer with Spinelli and is with a doctor whose name I don’t know and I believe that is it.

So now that I have brought you up to date- maybe you guys can let me know what is up with Maxie and her illness.  She has been out since she got sick.  If you know, please drop a line.


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