Natural Hair: Transitioning from Permed Hair; Is It for You?

This article is written by an owner of a store which caters to those who have natural hair. Her name is Dominique Alexis and she is the owner of the following web pages and email addresses:; and She is a student in high school who transitioned into natural hair and started her own business. Her biographical information is: BIO: I got my first relaxer when I was twelve but went natural at age thirteen due to hair damage. I’m sixteen now, completely natural, a writer, a flutist, a pianist, an author (I’m not published yet but hopefully I will be soon!), a gymnast, a big sister, an aunt, a junior in high school, and founder and owner of Please give a warm welcome to our next guest blogger, Dominique Alexis. Applause!!!@

If I were to transition to natural hair from permed hair what exactly would I have to do?

The first thing you would have to do is stop perming it (which some people call relaxing). That’s the transitioning part. After that, to be FULLY natural, you’d have to cut the straight hair off, over the course of weeks or even years, or you could cut it all off at once. It’s a personal choice.

What did you do when you transitioned and what did your hair look like, feel like or even act like?

Well the whole process happened almost four years ago and it was definitely different. It felt super curly and didn’t shine as much (because straight hair reflects light better). It seemed to act out if anything at first, but now I know how to maintain it and I can get the results I want every time!

Was it frustrating for you to maintain?

I started getting relaxers at a young age it hurt, so when I transitioned and got to wear my hair up and out of way I loved it! At first it was harder to do because I didn’t know how, but know it’s easy.

Did you shave off your whole head or let it grow out from your hair length?

No, I transitioned over the course of about two years. My mom stopped relaxing my hair and helped me braid it. Every couple of months she’d cut off the bottom inch or so and we continued that process until I was completely natural!

What were the products that you used?

Water, shampoo, conditioner, basic stuff. I can’t remember any of the brands now but they don’t work nearly as well as the natural products (aloe vera gel, coconut oil, water, etc) I used now.
I have been told that Aveda was a good product.
I’ve never tried any of the Aveda products (I googled them now because I’d never even heard of them) but they seem really nice!
I was also told that Nexxus depending on what you get is good.
I will definitely have to try it out then!

I got this book from a lady who says that you can grow your hair. It is just an example of what she can offer you in her expertise. Would you consider that to be a good start for her or would you do it differently?
Um, not sure if I agree with all that she’s saying. I don’t really believe that there’s an ingredient out there that can make your healthy strands wider, grow more hair per square inch and all that. I could be wrong, though.

What hair salons would you recommend?

I went one hair salon in all my time and it was all the way in Brentwood Tennessee (I went there because I was one of the models in a natural hair show). It is called Visions and I LOVED it! The ladies there were super nice and the results were better than I expected.

I guess woman go natural for different reason. Some because they’re tired of the committing of relaxed hair, others because they deserve longer hair, others may be like me and their hair just can’t take the chemicals.

Products I Use:
Shampoo: Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoo ($7.19) About six months

Conditioner: Royal Curl Moisturize Rich Conditioner ($7.19)About three months

Moisturizer: Suave Conditioner ($2) or Aloe Vera Gel ($4-ish) The Suave lasts about a month and the Aloe Vera about four months

Hair Oil: Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil ($29.50) Last about six months

Two pictures of natural hair from her are:

If you have any questions you may contact her at her work/business email address:


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