How to Market Your Book

Please review this link before I start talking to you in this article: So I read the article and I agree with some if not all of what it says. Specifically, I believe that we as writers all need to understand that we have to sell our book. We have to market it meaning we have to find that group of persons with interest that will pay the type of money we want them to spend on our novel to make us money. What does the bottom line come down to for us? Do we understand the outside market and economic system that we live in well enough to actually make that sale? Sorry, guys I do not know the answer to that question but what I do know is that the above article is a good starting point for us all.

The first question it says to us is this:
1) I don’t need to market my book because it will sell itself: I wrote it didn’t I. Why it’s a lie: Just because you wrote the book doesn’t mean that it will sell. You wrote the book yes, You believe in that book, yes. But girl- you gots to get the WORLD to want that novel. It can’t be considered a bad thing to go to your neighbor and be like can you read this. It can’t be a bad thing to go to your school or library and be like can you carry this. And in the beginning it maybe that its done for free and no money exchanges hands. But then eventually, you may find someone to buy it for you and sell it for you. If that doesn’t work, try self publishing where it doesn’t cost you money to upload your book but then you sell it for maybe $.99 a book. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of money but your book is selling. Eventually, you may get to raise the price for your next novel. But you are making money and that is what you are in the business for as well as for the joy of writing.

Okay this is one of my favorite premises in this article. 3) If I could just get on Oprah’s OWN network or on the Ellen Degeneres show, my book will be a bestseller. Why this is a lie: Because people, not all of you will get that lucky break to have either one of them purchase your novel or request it from you or your agent, read it, put you on the stage and interview you for a little known novel. It has to be that good I think folks and that interesting. And also I think that you also have to be there at a time when both are in the mindset to enjoy that read. This doesn’t mean that they may not buy the book and read it. But it does mean that they may not actually peddle your book for you. YOU HAVE GOT TO DO THE LEGWORK. YOU HAVE GOT TO PUT IN THE TIME. YOU HAVE GOT TO MAKE THE PHONE CALLS. YOU HAVE GOT TO EXPEND THE MONEY. YOU HAVE GOT TO MAKE THE TIME TO DO THE TOUR. YOU HAVE GOT TO PAY YOUR DUES. No one else can do that for you. No one else can make your writing famous. Only you can do that. And in the times of people stealing your work, it pays for you to put your face out there if you don’t write under a pseudonym and get well known facially. And if you do write under a pseudonym it is important that your writing speaks for itself and it remains unblemished as well.

I have two websites one of which I just recently put back up on the internet. I write for two other websites as a contributor one on a regular basis. However, I just started getting the recognition that I felt would help make my column and blog a household name and well known for quality writing and articles. I am on my way there but not quite there yet. I have had famous people quote my articles and link back to my blog. But still I think that this next one is very important and classic. Please remember: 4) All I’ve got to do is create a website, send people there and my books will sell. Why it’s a lie: Go back to number three. You can’t rely on your website to sell your book only. The website will give you publicity. The website will give you a way to count the numbers if you sell through your website. But it is only as good a vehicle as you make it.

And there are other premises and questions for you to read throughout the article. I just picked out the couple that appealed to me. I think we should take these and read them and learn from them.

Please stay tuned for Guest Blogger Wednesdays. This Wednesday we have an article written by Dominique-Alexis who has her own business for natural hair care. So check it out.


2 thoughts on “How to Market Your Book

  1. Kevin J. Parham says:

    Teresa –

    You are providing a valuable service through your insights. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, as well as encouraging others to succeed as writers!

    Best regards,

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