Netbook versus Laptop

This post is actually a discussion on netbooks and laptops; to compare both to see which is better. Background, I have a netbook now and while I like it, I have trouble using the camera when I am chatting with someone via the instant message. I find I have better luck with my skype account. Also the size of the screen is a little small. But as for portability, it is great. You can fit the netbook inside of your purse without having to purchase a bigger purse or a separate laptop bag. Also pricewise- I am looking for comparison for someone who is on a frugal budget- what is better for them? And do you feel that a laptop is better storage or is a netbook? And then anything else you can tell me too. If you have either one now if you can tell me which models you prefer and why? Also tell me if you know which ones for this year are better buys as it will be past Christmas when this goes out you can kind of say if the back sales are good they may want to buy it.

My experience: I originally had a laptop that I had gotten about six or seven years ago around 2004 or 5, I think. And then it lasted me until last year 2010 in the beginning. So I had it for about five years. It crashed bad and when I had tried to reboot it and set the clock like the instructions said so I could reload dos it didn’t work. So then a family member had gotten me a netbook. I like the netbook. It’s small and portable. I can use it anywhere. I have to purchase the internet if I am not at home and sign in with the F code. But other than that it is not a problem. Another question is that I just recently repaired it because my backlight went out. And my hard drive crashed. So lucky for me insurance. So now in terms of maintenance what do you like better? I have used the one offered by the place it was purchased from and may use a different one next time because it will be outside the period for maintenance. Now I have it back and it is working. I am a little leery. But as long as I can use it I will.

I had two people weigh in on this conversation today. The first was Jennifer Roland who has her own blog and David Kimball who has several blogs but the one I mentioned here is So you will see an ongoing conversation going on that took place via email through this blog post and converted into what you are reading now. I hope it helps in your decisions in the future on whether or not to buy either one. But as for me having had both, I would like to still have both. Please be advised that I did not offer compensation for their participation in this article except mention on the blog.


Jennifer Roland of says I’d love to weigh in on your discussion of which is the right computer for you. I am a long-time technology user and a writer and editor with experience in educational technology publishing.

I have both a laptop and a netbook, and I love them both for the right
tasks. Intensive processes work better on my laptop, as it has a more
powerful processor. For portability, web research, and writing, my
netbook is the star. My netbook is light and fits in my purse, so it is
always available when inspiration strikes.

As far as your webcam issues, you might be taxing the processor with
the chat program. Is it possible that it is a bandwidth issue? Live chat
can be a bandwidth hog.

How old is your netbook? If you think it might be time to look for a
replacement, you might look into some of the ultra-light solid state
laptops that are coming on the market. They bring together the best of a
netbook with the best of a laptop. Find out more at$699/

Thank you Jennifer Roland. You have helped a lot. I had a laptop that crashed this past year. I hadn’t used it because I couldn’t use it attached to the wall outlet due to a bent part. And then I was able to use it but then the battery died and/or the computer crashed at the same time. I don’t have anything on that computer right now I think. I was able to boot it up and it allowed me to set the clock I thought but then the time didn’t take. So I didn’t actually get my laptop back. I have like a folder of over 30 ideas for writing stories on there. I am glad I backed it up though. Who would have thought that I was that smart huh?

I love the netbook. I can take it anywhere and use it. But I have to actually sign into the internet available to me. So I had found out that I had to pay in Wildwood, NJ in the amount of $35.00 when the women that I was with- one of them had to pay to use the internet connection. I was not aware of that. So it was good to know that a co-worker of mine where I volunteered said should buy a portable internet. I found out it costs $100.00: $40.00 for the usb and $60.00 for the internet. So that was good advice. And with the netbook it will help me out. It is lightweight and portable too. I can fit inside my purse or my bookbag.

The reason I decided to do this article is that I had to take it in to get repaired. My backlight went out on my laptop and it had crashed. So I had to get it repaired. Luckily for me I had a plan but the one who got it said she hadn’t bought it. But by then, I had already put it in there. So I didn’t want to take it out. But I won’t probably use it again. [ ] t seems to be repaired. I have a backlight and my computer hard drive was all there. I had a back connection. The guy gave it to me.

David Kimball of says Hi Teri. By far, I rely on my laptop over the netbook I use. The netbook is too small and is only good as an Internet device, much the same as the iPad.

For me, I need the flexibility and versatility to add various software programs so I may be productive at a moments notice. Netbook machines do not allow me to have this.

However, I do like the compact size of the netbook and if I absolutely knew that all I needed was the Internet and a note pad type program, then for convenience I would choose to take the netbook for that short time period.

Cost wise, I do not see much of a difference as a laptop computer can be had for $350 at various times on sale from Staples. As far as repairs, unfortunately both laptops and netbooks are prone to more breakage because of them being ported around everywhere. Simply part of the cost for convenience. When needing to be repaired, the person must determine if the cost is acceptable and how much more to purchase a new one. So far, after many years, my laptop has been a workhorse, as have the netbooks I use at work.

I do not have a model preference, as my loyalty lies with the cheapest. For netbooks and laptops, I do not believe there is really a quality difference with a higher cost. The difference lies in its hard drive and memory capabilities and of course the requisite bells and whistles which virtually everything I need comes standard on the less expensive models.

So, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, choose a laptop when it goes on sale at different times during the year. Watch the Staples ads and other places and you will do fine.

Here is Jennifer Roland’s bio:

Jennifer Roland is a writer living in Oregon. Her first book, The Best
of Learning & Leading with Technology, was published by ISTE in July
2009. Before embarking on her freelance career, she was a staff member
of the International Society for Technology in Education, a nonprofit
educational technology membership association. She served on various
ISTE periodicals, including Learning & Leading with Technology, the
Journal of Research on Technology in Education, and the targeted
journals and newsletters. She also helped edit program materials for the
National Educational Computing Conference and ISTE books.

Here is David Kimball’s information:

As a financial coach and mentor, David Kimball helps families with their goal of <a href=”” target=”_blank”>living on a budget</a>, getting out of debt, and live financially free within three years. Sign up for his free newsletter and ebook at


12 thoughts on “Netbook versus Laptop

  1. Ivory Moseley says:

    I think overall I prefer a laptop over a netbook. I have both and really prefer the laptop. I prefer the screen size and the laptop has room for CD or DVD drive as with a netbook
    you have to have an external usb CD or DVD drive. I can understand a person liking the small portability of a netbook but I think the netbook was a passing fancy because at the height of their popularity, laptops were still about 200-300 dollars higher than netbooks but not now. I recently purchased a laptop for my niece for Christmas and I spent 350.00
    2 years ago I bought a netbook that cost me that same price.
    As far as brand preference, I do prefer 3 brands when it come to laptops: HP, Lenovo and Sony. I like the HP brand because I get a good balance of features, looks a performance at a decent price, Lenovo because they are very durable, long lasting and I love the red button!, and Sony for their looks and good performance although Sony can be pricy.

    • teribelle says:

      do you know your comment went in without approval.lik it automatically got approved. i dont know how that happened. but ifigure it out. but what you said is in keeping with the article itself.people like the netbook for portablility but the laptop is for long term. plus the new roll top laptop may be like the netbook. a lot of them use them for different purposes u know.

      Nicole T. Harmon email: ph: given out upon request

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