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Having recently completed the application for copyright I found these articles to be interesting. Please read and mark as important.
Another article for you to read is this: Bloggers Rights; please pay attention to what is said in here. Take a lesson from Crystal Cox and don’t write anything considered libel, slander or defamation. Legal Guide for Bloggers which details some important facts, questions and answers for you the blogger to remember while honing your craft. Please note that some of the links are broken. If you would like access or see if they are able to give you some of the blog to read you have to send an email to the blog of to obtain same.
Again, remember branding is important. 9 Simple Steps to a Productive Meeting. You have to brand your company in face to face meeting or conferences. Let people know who you are and what your company can do for them. Bring business cards with you when you go on conferences. Maybe bring a sample of your work. Always keep handy your resume, portfolio and phone book. Make sure that you always look presentable even when you are not in a meeting. Take your outside appearance very important even when you are not in a meeting or a conference call.
Remember that every time you step out of your home door, you are now on display for the world to see. Even if you are just going to the store to buy milk. If your business is the business of being seen or recognized for a facially recognized product then you must look the part. Now if you don’t have that but your product is known by your name then your name must be spotless. Or as close to it as possible with the respect garnered from doing what you said that you would be able to accomplish.
Customer service is important. 16 Simple Ways to Keep Customers is a good article. For those of us who are trying to brand our website or our company we need to practice customer service. We need to practice giving the customer which is you the reader, consumer or renter what they asked for from the company. For example the easiest way to visualize this is the following: you are shopping at Kohls and you have a complaint against you the employee from a customer because you didn’t give them a price for a bag. What you had done at the time was give them a price for a cheaper bag thus facilitating a sale. And then the customer returns the bag and gets a different one for the same price because she didn’t get what the other person wanted. If I practiced good customer service then I had a satisfied customer leave. That’s practicing good customer service. Check out the Nordstoms article.
Do you think you can avoid brand suicide? I think if you watch yourself you can.
This is all in a way to say that your career is what you make of it. If you can make it big and gain respect then you are doing okay. The problem I have had is that each time I think I am doing okay something happens that makes me doubt that. For instance, this lady asked someone who was within my hearing to give her my book deal. But I couldn’t because I hadn’t gotten any paperwork yet from the person who was going to publish the novel of poetry I had written.
So I was like you can’t have it because that was like stealing. I didn’t write it for you except to let you purchase it once it’s published. But if you are offering a real book deal then cool. I heard another person was getting a book deal. And I was happy for her or him because I didn’t get the name, but I don’t have their book deal. I had thought of having someone else come in on the book as well but first wanted to see if I can do it by myself. And the guy says that he can. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to wait for him to do the publishing, finish my copyright and wait until it is done-the actual publishing of the novel. So not gonna spread the word a lot. But did tell some people. Apparently, some people think it should be discussed very widespread. But until it is a done deal and a fact it is better not to but to just ask the questions you need to ask.
To sum up, read if you want to eight articles and but remember, always be a polished person when you exit your residence, maintain your brand and customer service skills and don’t publicize too much what you are doing because it may backfire on you and people will say you have done nothing and are just mouthing off.


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