Very Important: Writers Beware

Remember when I had written about plagiarism and how we should all be aware. And I also wrote about people who steal your posts. And it all ties with with the sad story of Crystal Cox the Montana Blogger and other persons like the reporter fired from the New York post for his bad article. I believe it was the post so don’t quote me. Jason something or other.

Read the article. I think it has some good points. Such as if it happens to you- then as she says “you’re fucked”, for certain things. But there are ways to protect yourself. Going through it myself it is hard. You hear people claim that you have written what they have written and have never seen anything that they have wrote. That bothers me. So I do surf looking for things that are similar or not. And truthfully, I haven’t seen any at all. And thats not to say that they aren’t out there. But not that I have seen. So like I said, take a read at the article. If you have similar stories she may appreciate having them. But hers has a somewhat happy interlude- one of the authors got taken off the internet list of books. So she is okay for right now. Wish me luck that it doesn’t happen to me.

Chat ya laterz guyz and galz.


2 thoughts on “Very Important: Writers Beware

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