Rethink the Media

Like all of you I watched the news. And I watch the news. When I was a little younger, I watched the news mostly in the evening. You would be suprised at what you could see at the 11:00 oclock news on Channel 11 WB Network or on the cable news stations such as Msnbc,BET, and/or BBC. Lately though I have been disillusioned somewhat at the news. I have been beaten and downtrodden and felt that I was listening to a lot of people at some point either being lambasted or people lambasting someone else. Now the news turns its eyes towards the Presidential Election of 2012. Will Obama run again and win? Will the fighting between the members of the republican party for the election be a landslide for some or a hard fought road for others? Iowa Caucus is coming soon. Some of the news stations are actually starting to discuss it.

So I decided to re-think the media. In light of the Crystal Cox verdict I think all bloggers should be aware. And I also think that I should think about what if I were to actually get an interview with the media. I have been offered the chance to talk about my novel on the internet radio. And I haven’t done that yet. The reason is that I wasn’t ready to sell my book but now I think it is done and ready to sell. All that is needed is to copyright the work under the psuedonym and I am doing okay. I have had an offer possibly to sell it overseas. I think that is okay actually. I think that is okay.

But back to the discussion of the media. At what point do we as regular persons in todays world not actually belive what the media tells us? We all form our own opinion. We read various articles in the newspapers, magazines and listen to the radio to determine what is and what isn’t facts. Do we feel that we are being told the truth? Sometimes I wonder. This is not a diatribe against the news. I still watch the same news shows that I watched earlier. But now I don’t watch as often. When do I know that what I am being told something that isn’t the absolute truth? My only answer to that is that I feel we have to use our common sense and we have to read various discussions about it and then form our own opinion.

But does that preclude us from never changing our mind on a stance that we have taken on an issue- it does not. A friend I know watched the Rachel Maddow show. And he likes her points of view and thinks that her reporting is fair and good. He agrees and disagrees with her on some points. But for the most part he likes her show. I have another friend who watches most if not all the talk shows on MSNBC starting with Al Sharpton’s show until she goes to bed. I believe that sometimes she gets angry at the news but for the most part she is listening to see what it says about the world around her.

What I am hoping for in the year to come of 2012 is to get back into viewing the news and watching it to see what is going on around me. To understand and listen to different viewpoints and use them as icebreakers and starter conversations in a public or relaxed setting. I also want to be able to talk to my friends whom I am hoping to restart contact with and maintain that contact with as well.

For those in the know: While the Nook is a great invention. You really can’t use it on your laptop without the appropriate reader program. Now that I know that, not that happy. But I will only use it on my Nook and not on my netbook. Good to know.

For those in the know: I go back to my Christmas gift from a couple of years ago a lot. It is the book

    Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life

by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. Published by Hyperion. It says and I quote on page 73- 74 under Chapter 28 Seek First to Understand and a little ways down it says ” When you try to be understood before you understand, the effort you exert will be felt by you and the person or people you are trying to reach. Communication will break down, and you may end up with a battle of two egos. ..Neither person felt understood. They needed to learn to stop interrupting each other and to listen carefully.”

Food for thought and I believe what this article is about. We have to seek to understand what the media tells us and they need to understand it before they report it. But even the best of us sometimes remain confused at what we see,hear or say. But it is in that discussion or examination of what the issue is that lies the underlying understanding of the communication.


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