Hi. Any of the black woman heard of Monique Caradine? She is a talk show/radio show host in Chicago. She has unveiled on her blog what is now called the Black Woman’s Manifesto for 2012. In it, she details nine areas that we as black woman should look out for in our interpersonal relationships. The ones that I like the most and I will quote them to you are:

1.) We will strive for better health—mentally, physically and spiritually.

5.) We will vigorously protect our image in the media.

7.) We will ONLY speak words that give life.

You can read the rest at

I suggest that you all read it. Make the men in your life read it. Make your teachers, your pastors, your life coaches and your enemies read this Manifesto. You don’t have to agree with it. You don’t have to like it but I think that when you read it, you will see that most of what she says is common sense and things learned from experience. How you interpret that and internalize those words then is in your own way.

I think that we can probably have a conference all on this Manifesto alone. And I believe that if you read her blog you may actually find that she does have something set up for that.

For those in the know: We only get better and smarter as we grow older despite our many mistakes. And God loves us for all of them.


5 thoughts on “RE: BLACK WOMAN’S MANIFESTO FOR 2012

    • teribelle says:

      Thanks for the read and words. You can see the full manifesto on her website. She is I believe also a life coach as well. So anyone who wants to learn or do can find ideas thee. It was a good website to catch.

      I will look at your website. I checked out your Gravatar the otehr day. But my translation in Google not working well.

      Have nice day and thank you.

  1. Monique Caradine says:

    Teribelle thank you for sharing the manifesto on your platform. I truly appreciate it. You r right. People don’t have to agree with each point but it definitely gives us a starting point for a healthy 2012 and beyond. Here’s to a bold fearless and fabulous year!


    • teribelle says:

      I really liked and agreed with your Manifesto. So many including myself actually show some of these as our problems. And we need to deal with that and accept that not run from it. So hopefully as you say the starting point that this gives us as of January 1, 2012 will be a bridge to a long standing conversation that ends up in action being taken by us all for the betterment of ourselves.

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