Movie Review: Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom
Starz December 11 2011 @ 6 pm

I was watching the movie Jumping the Broom starring Paula Patton and Angela Basset this evening. And I have been waiting since it came out of the movie theatre to see it. I like the movie name. Okay my impressions so far: Martha’s Vineyard. Rich or well off people or true middle class or higher tax bracket. They are those who are affiliated, high brow, cultured, educated and debutanted. But on to the movie.
Situation- I was right. She isn’t their natural daughter. However, it wasn’t an affair, it was a teenage pregnancy. Should that detract from the movie? Should it matter to them or her? Enough to her to cancel the wedding. The movie continues.
The daughter and the natural mother meet. She tells an all too common story- a young woman abroad meets an older gentleman falls in love and gets pregnant only to find out that he is married with children. So she leaves pregnant and alone. The people she has known as her parents her entire life were already married and unable to have children. So they took her in and raised her. And now they are about to walk her down the aisle to the man she chooses to marry. What other greater gift can there be than to give to someone else someone or something that you love? And to honor thy mother and father or mother in law and father in law but by what? To jump the broom.
Very abbreviated version of the story but it’s a good summary of the facts.
ON a scale of 1 to 10 I give this movie an 8 because it was entertaining, expected and a nice happy ending.
If you are interested in seeing it I think It’s worth a look. The actors and actresses play their respective parts well. The tension created is believable and understandable. And the by-play between the persons not involved is good as well. I think it was a nicely put together film. And I recommend it as a CHICK FLICK, A ROMANTIC COMEDY, or ROMANTIC BLACK FILM.
Please enjoy the film and your company that you watch it with. May you have a wonderful evening.


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