Problems in Town

You ever have a problem with your bank account? I had a problem before but this time because I had reonciled my account (YAY! it balanced. So you know- I have always had trouble balancing my checkbook.) So when a change came in that I didn’t remember, I got angry. And then it hit me- oh SHIT- They took back my ACH Deposit. There is a problem with my account. And then it said P.O.S. So no, it was a computer sale. Ok. So another person listens to recording of my staus. And then I drive to the bank. I talk to some man who looks at my checkbook and then takes me to a lady. There is a hold on my account for the card. I have them pull up the charge and oops!, its for something that I had a trial offer for. Luckily enough the lady cancelled it for me. I truly can’t afford the charge nor the other charge. I can’t have good credit without keeping my bills paid. So thats the story. Sorry no blast on someone stealing money from my account. But, I’m glad for that. One less worry.

So okay- Stories are finished this weekend. And poetry typed up and saved on disc. I don’t know that it won’t sell. But people keep telling me that it won’t sell and its my original poetry. So I’m hopeful. $5.00 for one book. And posts on twitter, facebook, MSN, yahoo and goodreads.

For those in the know: Owning your own email gives you autonomy and more control. You buy your website and then join the two , you have a good place with which to build your brand. So spending $60.00 for one year or per year might not be a bad thing.


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