Promo- Book Cover

Here is the book cover:


The book will be available for you for sale by the end of November. It is self published so I will be taking orders before I actually send them out. Please make sure you have the cash at the time of purchase.

Also guys if you are interested, a friend and I are setting up another blog. If you would like to participate please send an email. No title has been picked yet. What will happen is you will have to open up your own wordpress account and then that account will be connected to the blog. The entries will not be stricken unless they are absolutely terrible. The rules are as follows: you don’t talk about anyone in a negative manner unless you know the facts and even then it isn’t allowed; you can post on any topic of interest and please have correct grammar and punctuation- bad spellers not allowed although we all do make mistakes; and last but not least- if you choose to be a member you have to represent yourself on the blog. If you are a ghostwriter please inform the public of same. You can say you are writing under a pseduonym. Thanks.


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