You remember the internet writer’s oath? What about now- wait for it- the online identification or the online driver’s license? It is your identification that shows who you are when you’re on the internet. Not just your internet provider address but also your information such as your picture, your social security possible and all other information that they deem necessary. And why has this come about? To combat internet fraud and other problems. Read the above listed article to find out more.

You know how there are all those shows about weddings such as Four Weddings, A Wedding Day, My Fair Wedding with David Tuterra and I think there are a few others that have recently shown up. Well we all have heard the question but there are some people I don’t want at my wedding reception. Is it okay to not invite them? Read the above article to find out a nice way of doing it without upsetting the rest of the people who attended your wedding.
I have found a new website that I think you guys will like. It is called and I think you will like the above article. Ladies, think there is a shortage of eligible black men? Well according to this article there aren’t. Our expectations are too high for our own good. Sometimes, the place to look is at the man living at his own home with his parents.
You know how we all would like the keys to romance that open up the black book of names for us to date until we get married- well there isn’t any one particular book. But there are a lot of articles that you can actually read about each of your problems. There are a few articles on this website(s): and . These will help you in making sure of the possibility of a cheater standing in front of you and what to watch out for if you are doing the morning after walk of shame out of the apartment/house.
So my recap on television shows- I normally don’t do this but, I am up to date on all Tia and Tamera shows, as well as most of the Housewives. But I am behind in General Hospital and I am behind in another favorite show. But I have to go because I missed a meeting with someone who shouldn’t be dismissed or forgotten and I got to make it up to the person.
So, until next time and for those in the know: the end of the year is coming, school has started and holidays approach. Start your Christmas shopping early and for those who celebrate Kwaanza and Hanukkah share a little about your holiday. My reason for saying that is for those who are no longer with us, we should light a candle have a celebration and remember them on that day. And don’t forget to be true to you. Life you Life and Love your Life for Real.
Chat ya laterz guyz and galz from me here on Teresa’s Simplicity in Words.


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