On To Some Serious Business This Day In September

On to some more serious business. So I am scanning some documents in my scanner. This is a while ago not recent trying to figure out if it’s me or is it just that I scanned the documents wrong because no how I turned it or cut it, the whole document was wrong. So I scanned it again and this time it came out better. Not right, but better. The third time was the charm. It came out perfect. No alterations necessary. The reason for this: rewrites. I hate rewrites. You edit my writing and you make me cut out what I think I need, I really call you all sorts of names underneath my breath as I edit it to my editors preferences. And then stick some stuff back in there. And then it goes back and forth for sometimes a couple of days to a couple of weeks before we are satisfied. Not to say that the end product isn’t good, it is good but it took a lot of my pain to get there and yours too, cuz you would get the email or the phone call what do you mean this isn’t good here? Are you freaking insane? It’s perfect. And then, silence, uh huh, uh huh. I see your point. I think about it. And then well it does sound better. I like my way better. So we try my way first and if it doesn’t work then your way and since it’s my writing, then you have to wait until we see. Oh hot diggety damn, they accepted it. How cool! Thanks man!
Why am I sharing this with you? No idea but because I had to share it. Sorry I haven’t written, I had to do a book review for another publication and the other blog I write for. I had signed on to do judging for the contest but pulled both out of the contest and went on a hiatus from the other blog I write for. So if I stop writing here, please don’t think I abandoned you. It is better that I stop for a while then continue on and not take care of business. I will resume later on. And it’s sad because I liked them both. But it’s better for me this way to not participate this year.
For those in the know: can you maintain a writing career and raise a family, have a husband? I believe it is doable. Although it will take adjustments I believe it is doable. And not just like doable like Sex in the City where they had to learn to adjust to being married or when Steve moved Miranda in to Brooklyn. I mean we have to make some adjustments to our schedule so that we can accommodate our lives. Particularly if either of you travel for business. I read in an article cited on another website from Linkedin about married writers in particular women using their married name-is that a problem. But none of them saw it as one but said it was a personal choice.
So you know there is a new series being based on Carrie from Sex in the City called Carrie’s Sex Chronicles or something.
Reading for knowledge and understanding. Have a nice day guys.


2 thoughts on “On To Some Serious Business This Day In September

  1. Eye Floaters says:

    There are tons of good tv shows to choose from to say it’s the best. No matter what is said though, there is no doubt that this show ranks #1 of all of them. Yes, there are shows that are a bit older but this one still has charm. There is comedy, sex, and a little darkness, easily moving it up to the top. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

    • teribelle says:

      I am not sure which show you are talking about but I believe its Sex in the City because I mentioned that. It is a good show and old. The new version is Single Ladies which is the black version. I think though that some of the new ones which are scheduled to come out will be just as good and maybe not as shocking in some of what it shows. Like I was shocked that show at what Samantha did in her office. But you know I can’t say athing against her. Cuz you know-females understand.

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