TV Shows

I watch a couple of reality television shows. I think they are just like law shows-way too many on television. But its a pleasure to watch someone else make it or break it and not have to think about me.  So I have watched partially the first episode of Lala’s show. I still haven’t gotten through it. My televison is on the brink of extinction and my cable is on the brink of we need a new cable box.  So I can’t watch it all but its nice.  And I have watched some of Basketball Wives LA.  But my favorite actually is still Housewives. Gotta Love the Show.  When I see someone from school there, guess who I am calling. Cuz I know one of you all is gonna be on there. We waiting.

So I am drinking tea this morning.  Actually its probably more sugar water because I don’t steep the tea much but I like it and it helps me relax.  So I got enough money to try out the Pay Pal.  I don’t know it if will work.  I got paid by 9 am yesterday.  Well essentially. Anyway, it should be en route to the bank account.  Not exactly sure how it works. I can work, relax, watch tv and make money.  Now that is not bad right? I don’t make a lot of money right now.  But I make some.  Set up the affiliate and I may make some more and my blog will pay.  So psyching myself out right now because I am not sure that it will work out.  But I am getting more traffic on this blog.

So in the Readers Corner today:

I finished The Private Patient by PD James. And I finished Angry Black Women by three female authors.  I am still reading Hungry.  And I am starting a book by Octavia Butler.   So if anyone is interested to help me with my reading I will be answering the Reading Guide Questions in the back as I go along.  So if you want to join, drop me a line, pick up the book and we can read together. I have no schedule because it depends when I am available to read. And I do write for other publications as well.  So if you can when you inbox me let me know what is a good time table for you and the amount of chapters you can read it will help me out.

For those in the know:  a lot has been going on in our area.  We have had the hurricane, some have had the tornado and the hurricane. So any help you can give even for the homeless shelters, or domestic violence victims is appreciated.


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