August 10th Middle of the Road in Virginia


I just watched Tia and Tamara the new season. This time Tia is pregnant and Tamara is getting married to a white man. Tamara had some nasty words written about her on a web page. I didn’t see it but she did repeat it, if you saw the episode on August 10, 2011.

They both have property of their own. Tia has a house with her husband. And Tamara has an apartment/condo that I think she shares with her husband-to-be. I won’t be marking every episode but I like to talk about the first episode I see. Because it might be the only episode I see. So anyway, this is two weeks away from the wedding, and the sister is having problems with her pregnancy at the same time. But they both appear to be like no matter what they think, their ignorance will show and you have to be the bigger person; what’s the right thing to do in an situation in a wedding party when you have a sister and a best friend and the best friend does the duties of a bridesmaid? What the twin thought was for her wedding was she had the choice between her best friend and her sister- and she chose the sister because it was her family and family first/ what the other twin did was to have both the sister and the best friend as her maid and matron of honor. Because it was her wedding. By the end of this episode you had seen the husband, husband to be, publicists, and various other people who known them.

Rating: On a scale of 1 to 10 this for me was about a 7 because I didn’t get some of the words because I turned it down. So the seven isn’t because of that. I actually liked it. But it’s still ongoing so it’s hard to give it a 10. But I wait for the next one if I can see it actually. And I wish the bride and groom the very best.

I found some recipes to make. They appear quick and easy. Also I found some new stories to read. They are nice. I am finished the Private Patient- I am happy with that. I am finishing the other novel. I am going to the bathroom and on my laptop. My problem is the wet problem. How do you keep your laptop from getting wet? Luckily for me I have yet to drop it in the water. Hmm. But I have heard of some who have- come a little closer- while in the act. Mmh hhm!

So it’s the middle of the trip. We been here one week tomorrow. And we are here until this coming Sunday. It’s been interesting and not a little bit stressful. Thought they were supposed to be stress free visiting family and friends. No. Not stress free. Met some neighbors. Didn’t know they lived here. Some from Georgia you know come to visit I think. Not sure though. Some from other parts of Virginia. And not sure of where the rest from. But shall see.

I am hoping to get married eventually so that I can invite people I know who love and like me and wish to share in my happiness too. But won’t talk marriage or weddings. How about friends, and friendships? I want to not start my journey to be a better friend but to be a better friend. I have one who has been there, willing to come out at early hours in the morning, buys me flowers, gets me expensive gifts ( and won’t let me take them back). It’s not right that he spends all this money on me and I don’t contribute. So my goal is when I make money to save it and also contribute to our time out and when I am able to treat to dinner. I picked out the place and all because I have already been there. It’s a nice little restaurant with a price fixed menu with a nice dessert. So hopefully he won’t mind me doing that. It’s a payback for him helping out. I was told not to talk to him because it makes me unhappy sometimes when he pushes for a different type of relationship. But he put me on notice. I don’t happen to like him as anything other than a friend the one I am talking about. And we have had this conversation many times. But he is a good friend. So my friend said not to talk to him because it won’t change the behavior. Well that is how I took it anyway. Which is true, it won’t change the behavior.

I think that was good advice to give me. And he gets pissed off because I don’t follow it. Even someone else said it. It’s because they see and they hear. So they know. Make sense right?

Okay so now the reason for my slight unhappiness is today is I got a new one but not a new one. So I want to talk but you know how they talk is when I want to do it slightly different. But they (s/he) won’t for right now or needs something else. And the other guy can’t stand me I have decided. I am like his most hated persona non grata or something. I did him wrong or I pissed him off by my behavior and he doesn’t want to deal with it. Do you know that this guy gave a girl harassment lessons? Did you know you could give those? It’ s in the form of sensitivity training. Do you know why they had to give to the lady and her co-workers? Because they had a fight in front of a customer. I don’t know what the fight was about but whatever it was, they all got sensitivity training on harassment. Go figure. Oh by the way, that is my favorite word- harassment. Need a new one.

So I know that I am not the glamorous one. I am not the one that will go to the parties and meet the up and coming. No, I will be in the house and I will be watching the television, working the 9 to 5 job while maintaining a good front or being happy in the moment. Which is to say how some live right now. But the problem that we see it is that I have to learn to say nothing even when angry about certain things because it is better that way. Not that I do nothing but I let him speak first. This is his life after all as well as mine. And I am not speaking about anyone in particular.

I guess I finish up. Maybe by day’s end or weeks end I have some news.

August 11, 2011 Thursday

P.S. I know this is somewhat too much information but, I have to share with you. I read an article which for those in the know about women who are considered hairier than others, some men or most to all men find that a turn off because their idea of what a woman looks like is not that look- well this article shares with the women that it is okay to tweeze the hair around your nipples on your cleavage. The question why do we have the hair around the nipples? For those who have taken birth control, we suppress our hormone production of testosterone. And after we get off of it our bodies go back to normal and the hormone surge may sometimes cause hair to grow around the nipple area. It is all right to tweeze the hairs from around your nipple area. However, they say that if you find that your hair is now growing down the middle of your chest to go see your doctor and take appropriate measures.

The other thing I wanted to discuss was why do we wear high heel shoes that we never would have had the nerve to wear before? For the same reason that we try a new shade of lipstick that we forever decided was not what we should wear. Women of color I mean should not wear and I am forever proven wrong because every women of color wears that shade of lipstick. So I gave up the ghost and wore that shade of lipstick. And actually girls, it isn’t bad. As for the high heel shoes, I looked nice in it. I don’t know that I could continuously do it but I did look nice.

Oh I just found that you can wear leg makeup. Whoever heard of leg makeup? I have to say that out of all the things we do to our bodies or for our bodies wearing leg makeup is the newest thing I have seen. What happened to just getting a tan? And where do you go with it on? I was thinking you might go somewhere nice with it on that doesn’t cause you to sweat a lot because it would have to stay on your body and not melt off. But it was interesting. I am learning some new things. You know I am not sure I am supposed to tell you about this anyway, but I did.



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