Coffee and Coffee Shops


Hi. You know how we just love coffee? Well I am a coffee lover. I found the desire when I started working as a paralegal. Actually there is a funny story that goes along with that. I was working in Somerset NJ and this secretary who had been there for years said to me two things that I remember: 1st is that most people will have a heart attack from working there. Because they are so stressed out. And the second thing I was told was that most people who work in law offices drink coffee. And that most of them start to drink coffee when they start working at a law office. And I have not forgotten those two things. Actually I believe it was two separate secretaries but the information remains the same. Excuse me for a faulty memory.

I discovered coffee when I started working actually. Never really liked it growing up. It was nasty. Actually, I discovered coffee during college. You know that one all-nighter that lasted for three days and left you with a migraine headache to rival Mount Vesuvius erupting wherever it is located?? The discovery of coffee. So first it was Dunkin Donuts coffee. Then it was Starbucks Coffee. The Krispy Kreme. Then Seattle Coffee. And then just coffee from any of those places or a gourmet coffee shop. All in the aid of becoming alert, quenching a thirst or just to have a place to go sit and talk while having a drink.

Now, I am older and I still drink my coffee. I have since learned that four cups of coffee a day aren’t necessarily a good thing. Yes, four cups of coffee a day. Two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one on the way home when there was no hot chocolate. So yes four count them four cups of coffee. Bad habit huh? I can hear all the exercise guru’s in my head including Jane Fonda saying bad habit. So now I am down to three. Not a lot right? Should be much more considering that we all have a risk of having a heart attack, high blood pressure and other various diseases and surprise attacks. And I have always searched out when I travel the coffee shops available.

Now that I freelance and don’t always like to work from the comfort of my own home and I don’t have an office outside of the one which represents my nine to five job, I look for the nearest Barnes and Noble, coffee shop, recently co-working station and park to work at while writing. But what is the right etiquette for those who frequent a coffee shop such as Barnes and Nobles, Starbucks or the like to work out of- and I found an article that might help you out. The article is: found in Open Forum website.

Why I like this article? Because for those of us who freelance or work outside of the office it is always good to know how to conduct ourselves in a different environment. Plus some of what is said in the article we may not even think about. So it is a good read to have.


For those who are internet capable on our laptop and whose employers do not allow us access to the intranet in the office, it pays to purchase our very own internet. You can purchase one for the price of $100.00 which is broken down into $40.00 for the apparatus attached to your computer (dongle) and $60.00 for the internet. And you can hook up into your own home internet or the nearest Wi-Fi. I found this out recently at a place that I was volunteering at near Clark, NJ. You are not allowed internet access there. So you need to have your own. So guys, some of the tech and gadgets columns you pass by- are very good reads for you to look into and think about utilizing some of what they tell you. You can read Pop Sugar Tech Savvy, Adria Richardson’s blog, Shelly Palmer’s blog as well as other tech savvy blogs on the internet. And pay attention to the prices and what they offer you. Search them out on your own and then purchase. When I do my next ones I will let you know.

For those in the know: you can purchase a dongle or a USB port at any of your nearest Best Buys or computer stores. Think discount if you can.



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