A Review of Livin Fat final

A Review of the play “Livin Fat” played at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ. Seen on June 24, 2011

I had been invited by a friend, Ivory Mosley, depending on my mood to see his friend Donnell Rouse in a play a couple of months ago. And I had turned him down because I wasn’t feeling well or like going out of the house. Then about two weeks ago he had asked me again to see a friend of his in a play at Kean or his friend Donnell Rouse in another play at the Crossroads. So instead of going to Kean I went to the play at the Crossroads on June 24, 2011.

Yesterday I wore a nice mini black sweater dress with my hair in a ponytail. I look kind of fat, in but it was a nice dress to wear. My friend, Ivory

wore black pants and a grey/black shirt with a nice pair of shoes. The weather was rainy but altogether a nice night.

When we got to the theatre we were one of the first to get there. We had about six to ten other people there. Then after we got the tickets from the box office, sat down in our seats the theatre started to fill up. We were on the left side near the front of the theatre. The stage was one stage with no curtains. It was set up as a living room for a house. There were three doors representing entrances to two bedrooms, and the kitchen. The other two bedrooms for neither the parent’s bedroom nor the brother’s bedroom. The door opening leads to the outside of the building and the rest of the apartment complex they live in.

They have five characters I believe. The characters are played as follows: (insert copy of playbill front as well)

Mary Lee Cooper (Big Mamma) Michelle Cox

Biddie Steen Carter (Mamma) Dottie Rains

Calvin Ray Carter (Daddy) Donnell Rouse

Candy Carter (Daughter) Nicole Gant

David Lee Carter (Son) Reginald Burch

Eberneezer Goodson (Boo) DiOndre Boyd (Son’s best friend).

The story is set in 1974 with appropriate clothing. Soundtrack is nice too.

My impression is that although the play was nice it was slow in some places. My favorite scenes are as follows: The one where the son is talking to his fiancée on the phone after having “found” stolen money from a heist that happened at the bank where David worked. So he is telling her about the money that he “found” and how their lives are going to be different now. With the money that he “found” he is able to buy his family things that they wanted but the problem comes in when they find out that it isn’t money he earned. And that story will take you to the end of the play. I thought the acting was well and I thought that they played their parts well. They have two shows for today, Saturday June 25, 2011 at 3 pm and 8 pm. Please go take a look.

The play is sponsored by the group Daughters Wanted founded by Pamela Spaulding. According to the flyer in the play bill it says and I quote, “Our organization is committed to helping women navigate through feelings of lack, abandonment, rejection, and low self-esteem by equipping them with tools of success.” You may check them out on the World Wide Web at http://www.daughterswanted.org ; www.facebook.com/daughterswanted, http://www.twitter.com/daughterswanted and the organization also has a youtube which is www.youtube.com/daughterswanted.

Help support the people who are in the play and go see if you haven’t already bought tickets. And if you are unable to see it this time then try and catch it the next time someone decides to do the play.



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