Hello readers. I have an announcement to make. I along with some other bloggers/writers will be writing posts for starting today. So we hope that you enjoy the new blog.

If you are interested in reading another mystery writer I found a new one Minette Walters. The title of her book is The Scold’s Bridle.

“This lady had some news for me. But she didn’t finish because she would say I turned it down. I am like what she took or says she was taking I needed to work with but I wanted to know the rest. And of course she says no I don’t have to tell you or give you anything back. What do you think of this? My family and children including the adults cannot survive if you continue on this way. You will have major problems not but we will and we do not want to be in that predicatment. But since we already know that you don’t want to finish what you started talking about because what you might have been giving wasn’t even close to what we were trying to build, maybe that was why you didnt finish it.”
“Michale that isn’t why I didn’t finish what I was talking about. I didn’t finish because you had said that I couldn’t take what I was taking. It wasn’t being used by you.”
“And so you thought you could take it?”
“You have a criminal record.”
“And so you thought that you could take it?”
“Why are you asking me that?”
“Let me ask you this. If I saw a picture in your house that you no longer wanted up that was worth a million dollars would you let me take it?”
“That whatever you were taking I would be using eventually if I used it before. You taking it does not help me out. So the next time you want to do me that favor, can you repress the urge and just finish what you were going to say and then when you were done I could tell you what I wanted to tell you. And my family could live our lives now.”

Silence rained. She was so not angry nor unhappy. She said, “whatever, I was just trying to help you out.”


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