The Movie: Dark Girls the Documentary

That is the title of the article about the movie Dark Girls which is due out in theatres. Please read the article and if you go see nothing else in the movie theatre this summer, please do as I intend to and watch this movie. Support the person who completed this film. We all, including myself, discuss the light skin/dark skin problem in black america. Even myself who have persons who are very dark to the very light in my family have preferences. Who I like to date as oppose to who you like for me to date. Who I should look like as oppose to who I look like and who I am. This movie brings down the very basic level of a five year old child answering questions from her teacher and I will quote what I remember from the quick video I saw: Who is the smart child? -teacher baby points to the white child. teacher asks baby why- because she light. Who is the stupid child?-teacher baby points to the dark child. Why the teacher asks- baby says because she dark. Okay. So who is the ugly child teacher asks? the baby points to the dark child. Teacher asks why? because she dark. Teacher says whos the pretty child- she points to the white child and when the teacher asks why she says BECAUSE SHE IS LIGHT. Now no matter what you may think of me and my stance as to whom I’d like to look like or marry this is a five year old child and for her to tell her teacher whom in this video you can’t tell whether or not she is the same color that she is ugly because she is black and the white baby is pretty because she is white- you have a problem in your society.
I get so angry at people because they get angry at me. You know what they get angry at me about? The fact that I don’t like to get darker from the sun. No, I don’t like to tan when I go to the beach. I never have liked to get darker. But I have gotten darker off and on most of my life. But that doesn’t mean that I will not think that you who are darker than I am is not a beautiful, handsome, smart individual. I see in this picture a lady who reminds me of my sister, of my brother even though she is female, my mother, my neighbor, my other neighbor and my teacher. These are the persons I see in that video. These are the people that you should see as well. After you watch this video and if you think it should be, approach your school and have this placed on the curriculum for African American Studies. You think I am kidding you? I am not. I think that after I see it that would be my reaction. Now we shall see if you agree with me. I don’t believe that all of you will but some of you will.
Let us ALL do our part in this day in age in the year 2011 to EDUCATE not only ourselves but our fellow people.
Teach a child today. Go see the movie.


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