Writers Beware! Your Brand and Your Insurance

I have found a new position. It is cool. I will be blogging on Thursday at a blog about romance. And I hope to see you there. I will let you know when I start with the name of the blog and the web address.

Todays topic is Writers Beware. What do we know about our brand? About how we market ourselves in our career? Do you know we spend money on people helping us do that. A lot of people offer classes on it as well. I found a good article on branding. The link is:


A quote from the article which might wet your appetite is: ” But a human ‘brand’ is about more than mere platitudes (which, frankly, those often end up being). A human brand requires action from the top down. Everyone from the CEO to the most junior employees must buy in. And it has to be a sustained effort, because a half-hearted attempt will surely in failure.” I think this quote sums it up in a nutshell. You need to have something that people recognize and can agree with wholeheartedly that makes you and your product you. Your brand is how your face appears to the world. It is how they see your work. And it is very important because it will represent you for the rest of your life.

Another article about this subject which is more about how you appear to the world through public appearances. For those in the know: I have a friend who always says you are seeking attention and getting the wrong kind of attention. And that is what you don’t want when your brand and your career depends on your media appearance. An article that discusses this topic is:


Again a quote that might wet your appetite for this article and make you read it is: “In other words, stand for something that’s meaningful and something that your audience cares about.” Again as I stated above with the brand, you must have a product that your public likes and agrees.

Both of these articles are available in http://www.openforum.com. I just found this website today in my LinkedIn group. So guys you have to network and you have to read. Read anything and everything you can get your hands on because once you do the sky is your oyster because your knowledge is being given to you and you are learning from it. What you may also like to read and I am tooting myself right now is an article I did on June 29, 2005 for http://www.useless-knoweldge.com entitled, “Are You Being Paid What You Are Worth?” and in it I ask you do you feel that you are being paid what your performance at your job is worth. The same question could be asked of your writing. So check it out and use it as food for thought.

Whoever heard of publishers insurance? Have you because I haven’t until I read this article. The link to the article is:

http://www.copylaw.com/new_articles/Pub_lib.html Publishers Insurance

This is for those who publish their own work actually. But I believe that anyone who writes actually benefits from this type of insurance. Once you read you will understand.

Another article on legal issues for the writing community is this:


Again this article is good because it addresses some of the issues that we all need to discuss throughout our careers as either novel writers or freelance writers.

For those in the know: having been approached for copyright violation by another author I think we should all be aware of the legal problems we face as bloggers. Despite the argument that you cannot consider a blogger a reporter you may still be accountable for what you print in your blog. So be careful and be mindful. I did correct what the person who approached me asked me too. His attorney didn’t send a letter but I did receive an email.

For those in the know: For your secretaries, your administrative assistants and your mail room clerks, your copy room clerks I hope you showed your appreciation today and gave them a little something to show that you appreciate their working for you.


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