You ever want to find that person that you can send your story to and know that when you get it back that they actually read the story and that they liked it but you have some problems? And then they let you know what they are? I have a person like that. I have been using him for about a year or more now. And it has worked out rather well. But I thought it would be good to get someone who writes for a living to do it. And do you know that your fellow writers are too busy to do that for you. In fact, they can let you know a little but not a lot. So it looks like I might be back to my friend. First I thought of using an English teacher but again they are busy. I don’t have an agent yet because I am starting out. I have one novel out that is a Chapbook of poetry that no one has bought. I am very disappointed. I think the poems are good. But no bites. And I am very disappointed with that. I might do like I was told to add extra poems and a house will pick it up. So if you see the book out there soon then I did as asked.

The other problem I have is like all do, people taking your work as their own. Or they can just actually ask you to sell it or if they can re-write it for you. That bothers me too particuarly if its say your editor friend doing it. That would be worse. So make sure whomever you choose, that the person is right for you.

Back to the editor- how do you find one? What do you look for? I have read the articles. I have even asked questions but I guess it all depends on who you are, who you know and where you are in your writing.

So my advice is: just write. The editor will find you through your work.

For those in the know: judging contests is a good way to see who is out there writing in your genre or other genres. It is also a good way to meet people and network within your industry. But what I think the big plus is for me, and maybe for you , in the end, you just read good stories and bad stories and learn. You learn.


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