MITV TOUR Karina Fabian and Ann Lewis

Okay guys some goodies from the tour. Here is the schedule for Ann Lewis’ virtual book tour as given by Karina Fabian. As posted before I have given you the link to purchase the book. If however, you cannot use the link, please don’t hesitate to drop either myself an email at teritru or go to and look for the link to Murder at the Vatican: Sherlock Holmes Mystery. You can then purchase the book there as well. Hope you enjoyed the two posts and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. Please be on the lookout for another guest post shortly.


Teri Harmon ap 16 guest post
Julie Davis ap 7 review
Character Education Criteria Reviews ap 11 review + guest post
So What Do We Think ap 12 review + guest post (same as CECR)
Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways ap 2 review
The Writing Life for Me (AM Rolke) ap8 interview
Naomi Clark ap 9 guest blog–inspiration for the book ap 2 review
Impact Reviews ap 8 review
Marian Allen ap3 info + interview
Cheryl Malandrinos ap 18 review+guest post
Author Caprice Hokstad ap 20 review
John Konecsni ap 4 info + Interview +guest blog
Scott Monty, Baker Street Blog ap 5 guest post
Penny Ehrenkranz ap 6 interview
The Detective Eye-Chris is POC ap 15? review+interview
Susanne Drazic ap 2 gen info
Lisa Hendey ap 7 guest post
Katie Hines ap 14 guest post

MITV TOUR Karina Fabian and Ann Lewis.doc


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