Interesting Articles to Read and Other housekeeping Tidbits “Fright Night and Career as an Author; Finding the Inner Business Person IN YOU!’ Read the article it is a good article. “Five Signs You May Be Sabotaging Your Writing Career. My favorite is when you have lost the desire to write and feel its nothing there. The response of the article is to “reinvigorate your muse” and find your inspiration. They have many more like that. So read the article and enjoy.

So today is March 1, 2011. And it is also the beginning of Women’s Month which is what we call the month of March. During this month if you were to go to colleges around the country you may find programming befitting the title. You may also watch some of the television shows as well which will discuss great accomplishments by women. I like it not only because of the accomplishments of women it acknowledges but because it shows me what I may be capable of the older I get. I can get a high paying job. I can get married. I can have children. I can do all of those things and be a happy woman at the same time. But what I want to talk to you about today happens to be you and your health.

Yes, you and your health. I want you to take a look around your life and take stock of what you see. Do you eat healthy? Do you smoke? Do you sleep eight hours a day? Do you work 80 hour work weeks? The reason I ask is because I would like you to do three things for yourself this month: the first- get eight hours of sleep. You will feel so much better. Your question- how do I do that? Well if you don’t your body will do it for you. So make some time to get that eight hour sleep in. Two, read a good novel. It can be whatever you want and stress you out however much you want. Just read it. And third, I want you to eat three squares a day. And by next month I would like if you want for you to tell me how you feel.

I got clearer headed, sparklier skin and a healthier looking body from doing all those three things. And it wasn’t easy to do because I did it while working. And even if I wasn’t working I tried to maintain that. I ended up feeling as if I had no worries and my life was true. So ladies, if I can get that feeling so can you. Learn about you and love your life. Life your life.

Do some events to celebrate women’s month while your at it. And you can take the whole family too.

Time for publicity: Don’t forget to stop by on April 13 and April 16 for my two wonderful guest bloggers who will be discussing their work on a virtual book tour. They are Karina Fabian and Ann Lewis. If you have questions or would like to purchase the book the website has been provided for you. So you can either do it at the time of reading the blog entry or you can purchase beforehand. I have already heard of one person interested in buying the book. So please don’t hesitate jump right in.

I have some other things to say but have seem to drawn a blank. So I will end this entry and when the time comes start another for you and add what I need.

March 2nd
I went looking through my papers and found some old books I hope to find. Then I will let you know. This is a shameless plug for you guys. Please don’t forget to stop by on these two dates: April 13th and April 16th for two guest bloggers who are stopping here on their virtual book tour. I hope to see you there.


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