Senator Giffords Tragedy


What’s wrong with society today when a man you invite to one of your programs turns around and attempts to murder you in front of a crowd of people and others as well? From this tragedy a 9 year old girl born out of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 dies and several others left to survive in the hospital. What is the world as we know it coming too?

For all of the people who bash President Obama and dissect his history as to whether or not he is a Muslim, a natural born citizen or even capable of running the country the one common thread is that he is for a new society of people. A society of change and that he is working to make a better place starting with health care, taxes and education. They have their version of “Checkers” with the white house dog that he bought for his daughter. And we have of course the fashion of the First Lady Michelle Obama.

In the days since the shooting we have seen a lot of press discussing the shooting and Ms. Giffords condition and her subsequent slow recovery. Recently in the paper her husband, Mark Kelly was mentioned in connection with him possibly being replaced as commander of a mission so that he may spend time with his wife. I think that he might want to go depending on her condition. He can’t do much for her except be there and talk to her and if she is not very responsive he may even agitate her if she becomes upset because she knows he’s there and can’t communicate. But he will either be there or not. Only time will tell.

I guess my purpose in writing this is two-fold here is a young 22 year old male, Jared Loughner, who is a white male living in America. He had written letters to Gifford regarding his stance on her policies and his dislike of American politics. No one thought that he would go to these lengths right? He worried his former classmates and his teachers. He was attending college at the time of this event. And according to all accounts he concerned all of his classmates and his teachers. They didn’t like his demeanor nor his stance on certain things. But no one in his family would imagine that he would be charged with attempted assassination.

Ms. Loughner has other charges of course but the one that interests me for purposes of this article is the attempted assassination. Who would have thought it right? What could he possibly accomplish by murdering a senator?

Most assassinations occur with presidents, mafia and small town criminals. Family members and others also get involved. But they all have a reason behind them-one common factor- a problem in the communication between the two which results in anger and hatred which leads to murder. But for someone who it appears has done a lot for her constituency of which her website details, it would seem not a good thing to do.

Recent events has her moving to a rehabilitation center in Tuscon. And she is recovering not yet speaking. But she recognizes those around her. Numerous articles and television shows have been done about her and you are probably looking at a made for television movie.

If you are interested, you can read up on gun shot victims and their recoveries as well on the internet. There are a few articles of interest that you can find.

Recently her husband has gone on camera to say that he will be going on his space shuttle mission as its commander and that he is having problems telling his wife exactly what has occurred. He is not even sure that she comprehends him. You can see more of that interview on cable television. I will post the name of the show at another time.

I hope this has given you a little information into the past events but hopefully you won’t be completely deaf, dumb and blind about the events. And will be able to learn what you need to for the future.


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