What is A Writer to Me?

What is A Writer to Me?

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The quote is: “I was brought up in the great tradition of the late nineteenth century: that a writer never complains, never explains and never disdains.”
– James Michener

I read that today on Murderati.com; and it got me to thinking. I like to read. But I don’t always share what I read. However, I will share what I write. I think that is a little weird because I should share what I read as well. But it makes sense to me. I would much rather you read what I write then read what I read because my tastes in reading might not be your tastes in reading. But you are reading what I write so therefore your tastes may be exactly the same as what I am reading. Because I write what I read.

Now, his quote says that a write never explains ( I fail this because I explain all the time); never complains ( I fail this because I complain all the time) and never disdains ( I fail this because I sometimes really do say what is this- its horrible). So by his quote, I am not a writer. But I disagree. I write because I enjoy it. I write and am getting better at it. Not great you see but I like to read what I write. I am sometimes surprised what I read that I have written because, not to toot my own horn, its damn GOOD! But you know that is in hindsight.
I believe that as a writer I have to become better each time I write a story. I have written since I was little. I have only been published outside of my two blogs twice. My goal is to continue to be published in my blog and online and in print media with my own novel. So how do I achieve that?

I have found out that if I work and let my work speak for itself I gain respect, I gain attention and I gain help. Hence his quote such as it is may be truer than you know. If you complain and all they hear is you complain and do not see what you have written then you are nothing but a complainer and not a writer.

I have found out that if I work and let my work speak for itself, people maintain interest in what I do inside and outside the publishing world.

So I don’t like the phrase, don’t bother and I don’t like the phrase you are not a worker because to my way of thinking you are always working towards something and you took the time to bother doing it. Whether its watching television or not.

So I guess to Mr. Michener (like your books) thanks for your quote. It got me thinking. And thanks to Murderati columnist, JT Ellison for posting it.


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