My New Gadget: The Nook

My New Gadget is the Nook. A nifty little gift given to me by a friend. It has the ability to ah yes, download books off the internet and play games and surf the ‘net. But you have to have a Barnes and Noble account. I had closed mine out and now have to re-open it again. But I already got two books marked and ready to download. Pretty cool huh?

I am reading my story that I have bought and its not on the Nook. But I am learning how to use the Nook. The buttons are sometimes hard to work. It doesn’t always actually respond. I have to hit a lot. And I still have to register my account. I haven’t done it yet. My problem is that I can do the following: name my Nook. So okay I have a name which I took off. I changed my wallpaper. Its now fall on my Nook. Wish I could stick a picture but I can’t. I am not finished my game of Sudoko and I believe I lost at Chess. Not really sure cuz it doesn’t tell you. But either I checked him or he checked me. Not really sure. And I can pull up the internet but I have decided its not meant to surf the internet although you have that capability. In fact, its much better all you do is download your story. For those in the know: It is not a COMPUTER. So whoever told you that its like your computer so you can give me your computer and you will have your Nook- well THEY LIED! Word to the wise. But it’s the thought that counts. They figured you wouldn’t mind them borrowing.

It gives you tips on how to use your gadget and get the most out of it. It also allows you to browse your books but what I wish it would do is allow you to search specifically for all free books. I am not able to do that yet. In fact, I still have to stroll through the whole thing. It is kind of slow for me to do that. I can’t actually get used to it.

So good reading and good learning.


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