Time Management 2011

Preface: I was going to send this article in to the website www.sheknows.com to apply for a writers freelance position there. But I didn’t send it in so I hope you enjoy the article. If you are looking for the writers guidelines click the above link and it should be listed on the front page.

You know how we all have that problem- is there enough time in the day to do the many assignments our boss has for us to do today? Hence we coined the term time management. So how do we handle the time constraints. Solutions to problems such as how to arrange your office space to maximize what you have, how to prioritize your schedule so that you get to all of the things listed on your to do list and how to do it on a budget that you set and follow. Why are these things important, because if you don’t have to worry about the money you spend then you are more likely to spend time on getting other things.

Some tips for you that might help you are as follows:

1. A Desk Calendar both the small and the large one- reasons are simple: the small one you can carry with you in case you have the type of boss who calls you from home while you are away from the office and says I have to rearrange some appointments; the large one because you can either leave it on your desk or on your wall and you can check off days on your calendar for say backing up your computer, days off for your boss, etc.,. Believe me, it will help you to keep both handy. You may really and truly need them both. Like a cellular phone.

2. Separate file folder for your own personal copies of files. Think triplicate- why- because you never know when you might need to have a hands on copy of an assignment that you did which is now missing from the file and can’t be found in the cabinet in the boss’s office but you are lucky enough to have one right at your fingertips in your own personal stash of files.

3. Maintain all of your numbers in an easy to locate format either in a rolodex, a taped sheet of paper on your desk or pop up menu on your computer. You may also want to have either a pullout from your desk with the numbers on it as well. But keep in mind you don’t want to have a desk cluttered with a lot of sticky notes and a lot of other miscellaneous papers. You need to keep as clear a space as possible.

4. Maintain a log of all telephone calls that you receive as well as all mail personal and business that comes into the office. Again, think in triplicate and you might want to add a fourth for good measure if it’s a check. The reason I say this is based on experience. Losing a check or misplacing a check will throw your accounting off for the month for not only the file you are working on but the office’s finances for the month. Try to reconcile that.

5. Maintain a log of all your office supplies, when they were ordered, who last ordered them and who took out which supplies for certain items. Also maintain an extra stash of your own personal office supplies by your desk. Believe me, both you and your office will thank you later.

6. And finally, maintain a copy of all your faxes and transmittals that go out along with your scans. This helps in keeping a log of all information that goes out to all of your clients.

These tips as well as reading the books that are available will help you in maintaining some good time management skills.


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