Good Hair Review and A Toute Huere Review

December 19, 2010

Yesterday was a cold day but a nice day for a hair salon appointment. And then we went out for dinner. The restaurant was nice. It’s a nice place in New Jersey. So for those who are interested in the New Jersey food experience you can go see A Toute Huere. The web link to the business is:

A Toute Huere

It is French based food with a hint of Jersey Farm. In fact, last night when we went it was focused on the Jersey Farms listed on their menu. For those in the know: New Jersey produce ain’t that bad to eat. But sometimes expensive to buy. The menu is listed on the screen by day. So when you go the restaurant will put the menu up for the day. Last night I had: hand-made puff pastry tart (baked to order) with creamy ricotta & roast acorn squash, mixed greens & black olive vinagrette; crispy fried pasta & creamy white beans, paired with tender mushroom confit and a rich sage butter sauce. And we had cheese for dessert along with coffee. The chili sauce is a killer guys. No lie! The white beans, are nice. I am not a fan of some things but last night was what decided I was right to stop eating beans. The food is wonderful. My body not so wonderful. The scallops were delicious and the mushrooms I couldn’t finish because I was full. NOTE: Don’t eat before you go. Thanks whoever said something but what did I do, I ate a little. Then I got full and missed dessert. Sucks! But its an enjoyable experience. A small restaurant on the corner, with about 20 tables at most. The doors open out so in the summer you would have an enjoyable experience. The waiters are young Caucasian and friendly. There are various paintings on the walls of various sceneries. They have one unisex bathroom and a small kitchen area behind their bar for the food to be set on.

I don’t do stars but it is a nice dining experience. Good for small parties, and receptions. A wedding if you like in the summer or not. You can have a nice experience and still go out to dance somewhere else in Jersey. Aiiright Jerseyites? Damn!
If you like to eat a healthy diet there are many different ways to do that. Some have diets and some have new fangled inventions which are supposed to release the cellulite. But if you are looking to eat healthy learn to listen to your body. It will tell you everything you need to know. When you are sick, when you are happy, when you are sad and when you are angry. When it cramps, when it releases, when it smells (asparagus- smelly but healthy), when its relaxed and when it is all wiggly and googly. (sorry no explanation for it) If you listen to it, your diet will follow. That and read a lot of books on health, your bowels, your menstruation, prostrate, bladder and your heart, brain, damn it just read! You get the picture. Follow and you will eventually maintain a healthy diet.

*****************************************************December 21, 2010

Today the people were talking about a restraining order. It made me think of the movie with Robin Givens. And then I saw most of the movie “Good Hair” with Chris Rock and Nia Long.  And even I didn’t realize the extent that some of us (black women) go to maintain our hair. For instance, my favorite question is the one about the pool- do you get your hair wet. No, I don’t. Do you? Its called a swim cap or you just don’t dip your head in the water or you wear hair braids. You know what they said, you got to be pretty damn special for her to get her hair wet and a shower is a pretty special thing. Alright? The second question that I hadn’t really thought of asking was the sex question- don’t touch the hair during sex especially if you have a women with a hair weave. On top they said. I haven’t actually asked any of my female friends that question but I think they ten times worse though then some of them in the movies. You know with the don’t touch the hair thing. But very understandable. A good perm $$80.00 ($100.00), a good flat wrap-$40.00 and a good blow dry $30.00. So it ain’t no joke when you do your hair.

I watched the contest and wasn’t sure about it. I had always figured it was just you doing someone’s hair and them looking at the hairdo after it was done. This was more of a theatrical show because of the movie I guess. I hope to see it from beginning to end next time.

I don’t have much else to say right now. I will chat ya more laterz.


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