A Time to Know

 Good afternoon. I hope you are ready to read and to listeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen via the written word to what I am about to write in my blog entry because I have a lot to say today.

I transferred my blog yesterday or rather this morning to WordPress. Hello WordPress. I hope we have a nice long conversation together and that my blog becomes a nice paying blog. Eventually. Not this one, the other blog which I hope to have up and running very soon. But it took a while. When I first did it, I had thought it hadn’t transferred and it actually had. The name for the user was accepted and the account went through. Not sure why though. It took the second time I tried to migrate the blog. It was rather fast. But as it says, it doesn’t take your drafts or your additional widgets and your pictures. Also my lists didn’t seem to transfer. But I am learning about WordPress. I have my help list ready to read and I have started reading them as I write to you.

For those in the know: even though we learn about web pages and blogs as we go, take classes it takes some time to get it right. But I am learning and I have help. So now we get ready to blog like you mean it. Hehehe!

For those in the know: I am not your mouthpiece nor am I your radio. Please don’t treat me as such, nor as your answering machine nor your telephone. The reason I say this is because of a situation that was related to me. An acquaintance that I know was waiting at home and the phone kept ringing and ringing. So finally she got so fed up with the phone that she turned off the phone. And got in so much trouble for it by her family member. So she basically said what I had just written to that family member. Now I believe they aren’t talking at all. So if this situation happens to you please remember the golden rule of thumb: do not bitch and do not complain; calmly tell what you think and feel and then plant a tree on it. In other words deal with it and then shut up. What am I learning? To deal with it.

For those in the know: I got up more pissed off than they know because of some stupid shit that has been going on and it made me tense. But that isn’t my problem. No my problem is that this: Recently there has been a lot of press about Prince William’s engagement. I have already had my blooper. She has on the former princess’s engagement ring it appears and they appear to be very happy. But hints of the past keep popping up the comparisons. Please stop the comparisons to the past. I think its not fair to them and I believe they need to start fresh. You all understand what I mean.


December 17, 2010

Ok my bitching and complaining nets me nothing. And I know this. You know what I think they do, they say to you shut the hell up and then they deliberately try to rile you for the rest of the day so they don’t have to do shit for you. So here is the situation (please note that any connection between this event and any real event is entirely coincidental and therefore not to cause anyone the need to sue for any damages). The lady is being called via walkie talkie to run down towards the courthouse which is down town somewhere and from there she doesn’t know what will happen. Would you just walk outside without knowing where to go or what to do?

I am so pissed off still but getting better. My goal is to not say anything or be pissed off because it will make things worse and it will hurt not just me but other people. I don’t know that it will make a difference if they don’t care because they have had it up to hi heaven with my bitching and complaining- but there you have it. I am still slightly pissed off. I don’t know that I will not be pissed off until later.

I believe I heard talk of a wedding. For those in the know: I DON’T know. So there you have it. And if I did I would tell you all about it. I think it’s a name wedding. You know I You Me Wed. I wed myself and get a new name. Nice idea huh? Or a real wedding.

I am making a plea for $500.00- no really. Just kidding. But seriously, I am still peddling the poetry book if you are interested. Your money will pay my copyright bill, and my production costs for the book, so please don’t hesitate to ask for a copy. I will post an excerpt from the book here.













And there are others. Here is another one:






Ugly man

do you know how ugly you are?

You who think you know someone and you don’t.
that makes you an ugly man.

I am an ugly woman.

I do that the same.

So when you next try to act like you know someone or something-
wait and think before you do it.

you might find you don’t know anything about them after all.

ugly man.

Ugly man

You who I see and I know not at all

You who when I see I am not sure if I should know you

Ugly man

What do you think of this world in front of your eyes

Not even I know

Ugly man

Ugly man

You know why you are beautiful to us that know you

Because you are no holds barred in your actions

But you are still one hella ugly man

Ugly man

Ugly man

When you first proposed marriage to me

Do you know what they said I should answer you with

A wrong telephone number and I said why

They said cuze hes one hella ugly man

Ugly man

Ugly man

Do you know what I said in response to them

Well you don’t know him and I don’t either

So why don’t we get to know him

And ugly man you know what they said

We don’t know if we should

Ugly man.

Ugly man

So in response to your question about my future

I honestly have no idea where I will end up

Will I end up with you

Ugly man I have no idea

Ugly man.

There are others like these two. If you like the poems, please respond by sending a request for the book to the following email address




and include your snail mail information. I will forward you the book and you can either pay by pay pal I will have an account set up or by check by mail. Please send no cash through the mail. I look forward to hearing from you for orders in the future.






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