Mystery Writers Anonymous???

Good  Afternoon. I am looking at buying you guessed it a new set of tits!  Yes, I said the word.  A new set of ‘TITS".   Why?  Because God damn it the ones I got were flattened by a bulldozer named…..  and it sucks.   
So okay that isn’t the post I wanted but I do want to tell you some things.  First off, check your google email. There is another court decision in there you may want to be aware of and review it.  Also change your passwords. If you can set up your computer to do it every 72 days I think it allows you.   And it will come up automatically I think. 
I have such a headache. Okay, back to my copyright saga.  Eek!  I now have a number to call to check up on registration.  I have to call this weekend.  Hopefully its all good and I am worried for nothing.   
November 25, 2010
Good Morning.  I was in the chat room and got permission of the chatter whom I shall call Ms. G to give her anononymity and what she said was: 
                                                           I was conceived a female, born a girl, became a woman, behave like a Princess,
                                                           thought like a Queen but it was my ability to love that made me  a  Goddess!
So for all the WOMEN out there who are having problems, consider yourself a Goddess because you have love in ur heart and ur life. 
I am still reading my novel.  On Chapter Eight of Soul Thief now. So far its getting good. She is now running away from whose trying to kill her and get to her baby.   But still unclear as to why he is killing her.  I can give you some of my notes for the novel so far. Hold on I get them.  Okay- Characters so far are Douglas McArther who is married to Annie de Roche.  Annie de Roche is the possible victim and she is to be kept safe until her unborn baby is born.  Edmund de Roche I believe is her father and he warned Douglas that one day someone would come to kill Annie.  This is from Chapter One.  Douglas McArther keeps hearing a child called  Trinity asking for help.  And telling him where s/he is at the moment.  Chapter Two introduces you to Edmund de Roche’s relationship with Annie.  Chapter 3 brings up Isaac which is a psuedonym but we don’t know why yet.  Chapter 4 introduces Seth Baker, foreman for Douglas McArther.  Chapter 5 introduces that Annie is an artist that paints pictures and that Edmund de Roche is either her father or her soon to be husband.   And that her and Doug met at the University of Maine.   Trinity is still calling for Doug’s help.   Okay so that is where my notes stop.
Scots on the Rock is good.  They are thinking about going away on a vacation.  I am on Chapter 4.  Okay if you read the link on cozy mysteries I found another link you may find interesting.  this link is on detective fiction. this is a link on police procedure.  My writing is kind of like a cozy, detective/police proecedural fiction novel.  But until it is completed and an agent reads it I don’t know what you will actually see it sold under.  Note, I just found out how to cite from Wikipedia.  It is a little different.  Some background, in Wikipedia there is a page called Cite this page and when you hit that link it brings up the page that has the permanent link for the article.  I am not sure which one is better so this time I placed the permanent link there.  If you have any questions, just go to the Wikipedia webpage and look it up.  Some interesting reading there.
 A couple of other stories I have to finish reading that are mysteries are The Vig by John Lescroart and Payment in Kind by J.A. Jance.   Yes, I am still reading them. Started this summer but you know how it goes.  I finished a novel in between.   
A find I told you the secretary’s almanac called  Merriam Webster’s Secretarial Handbook
For those in the know:   Join Wikipedia.  Open an account, any mistakes you find as long as you can back them up you may fix or offer information for them to fix it.  Its a work in progress. 
So, I am out for the evening/morning.  Time for a little sleep.  Bye!

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