The Year is 2010!!!

Good evening.  I am writing in here with a new idea for a commentary piece.  It is on surrogacy.  My question(s) is(are) this(these):  if you are on a surrogacy agreement and you are not able to take care of the baby and you already have the baby how do you handle day care arrangements if the baby is with the surrogate or how do you handle it if the baby is not born yet and they decide to take you to court and is it hypocritical of you to even somewhat consider that you are being two faced when you say that the baby should reside with your family if you have one or someone of your own choosing if you can’t take care of the baby?? 
I was thinking about this as I was watching the movie To Be Fat Like Me.  I know, no connection whatsoever.  The background has to deal with the area I live in right now.  The people around were discussing the issue of surrogacy.  And the issue was about a particular family whom either they like or dislike each other and one of them is letting the other use their (in their own words or minds) their husbands sperm.  The disagreement is on possibly the parentage of the baby but I don’t beleive that can be it but I think it has to do with stepmother versus mother.  Whom is the Mother of the baby- the family that gave the sperm which is possibly a two parent household or the one parent household which is requesting the sperm. And if the person requesting it feels that the other women in the picture may or may not have any say in the matter is it hypocritical of the parties involved to even consider that you are not the parent of the child. Can you ask them to give up all parental rights to that baby?  Is it in the agreement itself? 
You are asking why am I even contemplating this:  for two reasons:  one of which is  I may never experience pregnancy and use a surrogate because I am not in a relationship at the time I decide to have a child or I may never be able have children.  Okay, somewhat of an exaggeration but not really.  I believe that these two reasons are legitimate; for me.  So I will leave it in for now. 
As of right now, I won’t reveal my age (lol it is already on the blog) so you know.  But I had decided around 2003 that if I wasn’t married or involved that I would have my own baby.  And if I couldn’t have my own baby see if I could afford a surrogate. And if I couldn’t afford a surrogate become a foster parent.  And if I couldn’t become a foster parent to be the crazy neighbor/aunt that all the parents hate for their children to be around because I am the one that gives them candy, and toys and stuff.  
So I got curious about surrogacy.  A couple of people I know have had some complicated health situations. What about me and my current health.  What if I was in that position what would I do?
Feburary 1, 2010
Most of us have heard of people who for one reason or another aren’t able to have children.  Some of us turn to adoption others turn to surrogacy.  The problem with surrogacy is that how do you handle the issue of insemination (actual sex as some make the agreement to do with the agreement of the wife involved or the use of artificial means); the issue of health care; the issue of where to live; the issue of payment for the use of your body and how to handle the issue of the other person involved if there is another party.  All of these questions have to be answered prior to the actual surrogacy taking place. Most agreements occur after conversation with the two parties and then an attorney becomes involved.  The agreement is signed and then they go the clinic and insemination takes place.  AFter they know that they are indeed pregnant then arrangements have to be made for the care of the mother to be and the infant.  Plus you may decided whether or not the people  will maintain contact after the baby is born. 
February 6, 2010
In some of the research I have read it details how the different states deal with surrogacy.
To be continued at a later date.

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