Some Thing to Read

Good Morning and hope you’ve had your coffee.   For those in the know:  some things to read- Take a read.  Review It.  Tell someone about it.  And then continue reading the Root.  Originally posted on May 21, 2010.
Also  please read if you are interested in: April 8, 2010 is publish date.  written by Paula Gill in Tech.
Just click on the links and read them. I have read them and they are interesting to me but you might also like them. s/810789/where-to-meet-your-future-husband 

October 15, 2010  Please read this article if you are interested in writing.  This is about why you or someone you know who writes may not have an agent to help them promote their career.  Besides possibly having a big mouth (like me) or not having enough exposure to your writing as well as not going to conferences.  That along with what is mentioned in that article will help you out.
October 18, 2010
There is another conference you can go too.  Once I find the linke I will post it for you.  You can read it I believe on the website.  And then sign up and register if you want.   Pitch Slam sponsored by Writer’s Digest is to be held on January 21 through 23, 2011.  Registration is in the email.  Here is a link to the email:  Try that link and see if it works. 
Okay well chat ya laterz!

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