How to Find A Publisher

AS I am learning about the business of being an author I am also reading up on things that people like to do.  Its like trying to find an agent, its hard to do.
My work isn’t that great right now.  I make mistakes but I am learning.  I just told this lady if she wants my poetry she needs to talk to me.  And if she already sold it, she owes me money b.  So we shall see.  Back to the discussion.  I have as I said decided to sell some poetry.  But for this I am looking at doing it on my own.  But for some, they are shopping around for publishers.  I was lucky in that I had someone talk to me about their company briefly. Not to work for them but just for informational reasons.  She is a self-owned company that is also an author herself.  Plus I know another author, Ms. Natasha Munson (author of who also started out self publishing.  If I am lucky maybe I can get her to answer a few questions and include it in here.  Back to the conversation.
In Murderati on April 11, 2010 by Allison Brennan in this article link-, it talks about publishing.
July 8, 2010
 We just had a session in the Writers Chatroom about publishing too.
August 6, 2010
This past Wednesday, we had a very nice session in the Writers Chatroom. For all of those who like to blog, this was the one to be a  participant in.  People gave ideas on how to market, how to brand, who to sell to and where to go if you are in the blogosphere.  So if you missed it, just check out the blog.  It helps too.  And the forum.  Although I think you have to sign in to use the forum though. I forgot my password and that is nothing new.  The other thing to participate in is the other moderators blogs have interesting items to read and do as well.
Hope this helps you. Look for part two of publishing.  And a lot more information on publishing.

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