Summer Days Are Here Again

Allo! Beaches?  Swimsuits? Swim trunks?  Beach towels? Cold Showers (could have used one of those) and being extremely tired.  Miss them??   Well here are some links for you to use when shopping for swimwear and other items.    The addresses are:;; and
    I did relax a little.  My goal is to mediate now and be calmer and handle my business.  And get out unscathed.  So I have to go now. 
July 28, 2010
So I am looking up information regarding assistance for me because I am in need.  Don’t we all go through those times. And I found some websites of interest for you to look at.  I hope that they help you out and I am hoping to help myself out.  I missed the family though.  Probably got there this morning. When I had gone there I couldn’t get in the side door said go around and the sprinkler was on. So I figured come back later fully dressed and fresh breath. An essential if you talking to people and after you sit up in your hairdressers face with bad breath  then you understand.   Those websites to come.
Love Life Advice is what people always ask for.  Well here is a clue- don’t ask me for nuthin.  NUTHIN!  YOU HEAR!   LOL.   No seriously, I am not good at love life advice.  Look at mine.  Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t.   But I do like the websites out there for online dating and presentation, and how they give you good advice to take even in person.   My favorite piece of advice is this one:;;   For those in the know:   you have heard the rumours.  You have seen the comedy shows.  You have heard the radio/television broadcasts. And what do you really know- what they tell you. So here is what I tell you- relationships are meant to be both hardwork and a real pleasure. They are meant for you to experience the highest high and the lowest low.  And for the little ones who request a sibling they are for those unexpected requests too.  So recently in our esteemed lives an offer was made to have children and they would offer you their sperm count.  It could mean one of two things- you are their nanny or wife and mother of their children.  So you can take either one.  But clue guys, you are a voiceless face not seen unless the woman is with you or women.  So you know make sure all right. 
July 29, 2010
You know they are recruiting again.  I am not sure for what.  Wish I knew.  You know you can get dog tags at the Nuyurican after you say your poetry. I think you have to pay though. They just don’t give them to you.  Heads up they recite poetry in the chat rooms. And I get  some of it not all of it.
More later.
August 5, 2010
Hi ya guys.  I am a little tapped out. I am going to post this and start a new entry.  Hope you enjoyed.  Not writing much.  People banging drums in the head you know.   
A’Bientot et Bonsoir.  I shall see you sometime.

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