Articles of Interest from My Point of View

Packing.  Don’t you just hate it?  I think I wrote on this before.  Well in the Star Ledger there is an article on how to pack your suitcase for travelers.  And since we all like to travel and look our best this is a must read.  I say must read because, if you are like me, I pack and then I forget.  But my other problem is I like to pack outfits and that can take up a lot of space.  So I learned to do the separate method.  Have enough separates to match one pair of pants, skirt, dress, or shorts.  And I learned the art of sleeping on the way.  Cuz you never know when you won’t be sleeping next.
So the article is called "The Smart Way To Send Yourself Packing" in the Sunday Star Ledger Section 8, June 6, 2010.  I agree with what they say in the article, and I quote, " You’ve packed loads of clothes you don’t need, and you’re stuck waiting for your luggage, hauling heavy bags all over the place or rooting around in your carry-on for the one thing that you cannot find."  There are a couple of good points in there such as keep it simple, one basic color for versatile outfits and make it wrinkle free if possible as well as accessorize with jewlery and shoes but make sure you remember, jewels can be stolen so…make it cheap.  Lol!  Actually, if you  have some jewelry like your engagement ring and you don’t keep it on overnight then you might want to have a safe in your room and if not sleep with it around your neck.
Another article in the same paper in Section Four under the column Tell Me About It under "Marriage to fame takes adjustment"  by Carolyn Hax is a good article.  I have been asking this question  for months now.  Okay going on years now.  How do you an everyday wo/man deal with fame when it comes to your famous spouse, boy/girl friend and/or significant other. The best way to describe this article is that it deals with, "this is about your resentment and finding a place to put it. And that, in turn, is to reconcile your husband’s delight in his fame with your utter contempt for it."  The article further goes on to say, "If you can’t be happy for him, and dismiss groupies as a minor annoyance, then his fame will come between you." It suggests that you work on a solution to your problem together. Because if he you can’t find a solution or he isn’t able to work with you to make you comfortable then it isn’t a real relationship or marriage.  Specifically, the article states, " If your husband can’t show any sympathy for your discomfort, then maybe it isn’t much of a marriage.  But I don’t think you can demand something you aren’t willing to five and your letter has zero sympathyetic words for his good fortune."  It ends with, "With confidence, though, any one of those approaches becomes viable- a joint statement on how you’ve both adapted to fame."
In the Jobfinder section of the Sunday Star Ledger Section 10 the title of the article is "Video View- Online Conferencing Helps Long-Distance Job Applicants" by Melanie Wanzek.  This article says that "video interviewing is an experience all job seekers should get used to, said Wade Burgess, director of sales at the social networking Web site LInkedin."  I think the end of the article sums it up best so I will quote, " Unless you’re aiming for the grand prize on "American’s Funniest Home Videos," plan on careful preparation and several trial runs before clicking on the webcam for a video interview.
  •  Test the sound, lighting and the clothes you plan to wear
  • Examine the scenery behind you to make sure it is’t distracting or inapproriatre
  • Practice video chatting with a friend.
  • Be sure to focus on the camera, not the screen.
  • Check to make sure you and the interviewer use compatible versions of the video chat program.

 I hope that these help. I put them out there because they were of interest to me but I don’t know that they would be interesting to you.  I have been asking the question about how to handle fame for a while. People that I know are involved with people who are well known and famous.  And hopefully you will find them interesting too.


I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for reading my blog.  And I am hoping to grow my readership and maintain contact with you throughout the year.  I have found a new home for my blog but I haven’t moved there yet.  As soon as I do, I will let you know. 


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