What’s Your Worst Nightmare? Best Dream? Fantasy Come True?

The public, family who doesn’t listen or chooses not to understand that they don’t know what they are talking about and I at times fall into to that and people who aren’t family who do that; law enforcement who use their position for the wrong reasons, women and men who refuse to explain anything to you;  Of note I am one of those who like face to face but I have tended to miss the face to face recently.   A lot.  What am I doing? I am about to leave and then something else catches my attention.
So I have some more to chat about but I am almost chatted out. So I will chat you later.
I am truly chatted out for a bit.  But I did have one thing to talk about.  It goes back to my conversation about chat rooms and chat etiquette from a while back. When I find the actual date I will insert it here and post.  But lately I have been kicked out or timed out.  In fact, what happens is my nick name now stays inside the chat room so I have to actually re-sign in.  My impression is it is time to get an account.  And some people have confirmed that you might want to get an account considering that I have actually had to sign in under a different nick because someone is currently using my nick.  So I think okay it is okay to get a new nick But the question then becomes how much information do I give out? Do as I have been advised to tell only half truths or no truths?  Do I lie about my date of birth? Only put my first name?  Put the address of where I wish I could live because that is the lifestyle I choose to live? Or do I tell my true age, living area and name?  I am not sure of the answer to that.  But I think that people do tell you some good things. One lady told me that she never gives out her true age.  She doesn’t even answer the question. The other is this one lady I believe she is a foreign lady only gives her first name and a made up last name. She does not use her husband’s name.  Some of the people from a muslim background do the same thing.  But no matter what you or I choose to do then we should make sure that is isn’t hurtful to us.  This is where the website http://techcoquette.com which tells you about online dating goods and bads.
The other conversation I had is on maturity this morning in the chatroom. He wanted to have a "conversation with a mature person".   So outside of sex what do you talk about?  Well considering I hadn’t slept most of the night, we didn’t talk much about anything.  But on the plus side I did find out and have some "mature" conversation.   Psst!  I can’t tell you what we talked about.  I ain’t got no idea.  LoL! 
 I saw a new television show today called Crossing the Line with Tamron Hall.  It made me think of Mr. Brown’s show from BET and Soledad O’Brien’s show from MSNBC. And don’t forget the "Money Honey"- Maria Bartiromo.  All of these shows had young, up and coming anchors or commentators dealing with today’s issues regarding problems or things facing society. 
 I call myself a vegetarian although I do eat meat when there is nothing else in the house to eat or that is all that is being served. Otherwise, I eat vegetables and lots of them.  I eat a lot of bread and starches as well.  But the reason I am telling you this is because I found a real neat recipe regarding a smoothie. And it is green in color but it is made up of asparagus and milk I think.  I am not sure that you will like it.  I am not sure I will like it but I will tell you. By the way, if you eat asparagus it makes your urine reak like you wouldn’t believe. So for those who are hopin’ to get sum after- don’t drink the smoothie. Word to the wise!
So I really shouldn’t say anymore.  Not that its bad but save some for later. Plus, I really do have a headache. I have a squatter sitting inside my head knocking an anvil over my head.  
May 21, 2010
Okay so I heard through the grapevine that someone was looking for a retraction.  To what you ask? I actually don’t know either. But what is a retraction for? To repudiate something written before or to acknowledge the facts aren’t correct am I right? So okay what isn’t right here?  Did you or did you not do it? And keep in mind if the person is saying that it may or may not have been someone then you truly can’t actually be angry or pissed off? You know why? Not that it isn’t the truth now but it wasn’t back then. So would you retract that statement?  And the other thing I have a question of if the facts as they are stated is true, …. what’s your problem???? Not that you don’t have the right to request a retraction. Because you  can but if its an opinion then what is the person retracting?  
I am really curious though. Why they wanted a retraction? Was it by the family?  Was it by the newspaper? Was it by the people who pay for the blog?  Was it by the radio?  Was it by the company?  Who was it by?
May 24, 2010
Okay this goes back to my earlier post regarding maternity leave.  To clarify and to not make people angry I still stand by what I had stated however, I do admit that some family members do and will (including myself) accept some assistance from their family in reproductive matters. But this normally means carrying the baby.  In other words, they don’t actually donate the sperm but they will carry the baby.  Unless of course you have a gay couple who may or may not want to have the baby with the same linage as one of the parents.  And that normally comes in when you are dealing with men and women and hereditary.  I don’t know that it happens often.  Both you and I would have to look it up.  So if you are angry- can’t help you.  You will be angry but if you understand what I am saying look at the grandma who had her grandkids, the sister who had her brothers and his wife’s child who are you dealing with here?  Someone having the baby and a sister in law unable to carry the baby.  It has nothing to do with the donation of sperm. 
And also in terms of people having issues with being an adoptive parent or a foster parent, we all do have those issues.    
May 26, 2010
I got to get out tomorrow.
Okay well got to go.  Posting on 5/26/10 1:19 am.
P.S.  So I have one more post to go possibly two for here. And then I am starting a new blog elsewhere.  Hopefully you guys will read it.  Hopefully.  I got to go. And for those who know:  After so many years on this earth, I still am finding stuff out. So don’t get pissed off when you don’t get your way just get what you need to do done and then show then the door if they piss you off.

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