To Tell or Not to Tell

  I have just found out that someone is an Imam.    And this person thought that I had known. How would I know if they don’t talk to me? And I have been vocal enough about my interest. It isn’t like that. I didn’t know and you didn’t volunteer that information either.  They mention A who to me is like a hairdresser or a secretary. And I don’t talk to her.   

  I wouldn’t have talked to her about that anyway.  The other person happens to be a friend of someone in this family I know. Besides she said she wasn’t a Muslim and I had asked her when she brought her daughters over for dinner that night. We were talking about religion.  Her baby girl wasn’t happy. People were playing games with her and she asked them not to do it.  I actually thought she was upset with me. And I had told her mother that her daughter wasn’t happy.  But it didn’t help me to not say something so I said something because she was about to shred the tissue box.  I asked her outright. So if she told an outright lie then she lied. But if she isn’t who you are talking about then i dont know that F.  And if you are using someone else’s name then you shouldn’t do that.    Actually I don’t believe that it is her. But I am going to ask her and I don’t expect her to lie this time around if she is.  

Also I am sorry if this entry offends some of you. It isn’t meant too.  My opinon is simple- I told you I hadn’t met you.  And I was looking forward to meeting you but you always do it in the wrong way for me. And if she is supposed to have been waiting around the corner all I saw was someone who looked like F. But I dont know if that is who you are talking about.  And to top it off this chick wants my life as in my information.  Why would you need my information?> You have your own life. And if you did it for any reason that made sense- I don’t know whst you want. Do not piss me off for real.  Stop playing with my  life and others including the baby’s. I could see if you were wanting my man. But LMAO let’s be serious- I don’t think that you would want any guy I dated.     April 16, 2010.  I have one more thing to add and this is after constant bitching last night into this morning.  They tell you they have meetings.  At like the strangest times in the morning. Which wouldn’t be bad for me cauze I do get up at odd times with the weirdest cravings and no I AM NOT PREGNANT!  Right now that is.  But I have to BE FAIR AND HONEST HERE.   I DONT ALWAYS GO OUTSIDE. BUT I DO SOMETIMES. AND I ALWAYS COMPLAIN.  THAT ISN’T NOT EVER HAPPENED.  BUT THEY HAVE TAKEN THE TIME OUT DESPITE THE BITCHING AND COMPLAING AND I TELL YOU I KNOW THEY WANT TO K I L L ME. LIKE TEN TIMES OVER.  SO TODAY DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WAS PROBABLY NOT IN THE COMPLETE RIGHT I WANTED TO GO SEE THEM.  AND I DIDNT WANT TO USE THE FACT THAT I WAS GETTING COLD CAUZE I WAS HOT AND COLD YESTERDAY STOP ME.  AND I FIGURED THAT THE DIRECTIONS THEY GAVE ME WERE TRUE.  BUT I WONT KNOW UNTIL LATER. CAZUE SOME OF THEM ARE ACTUALLY IN SCHOOL AND MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.  TRANSLATION THEY RAISE CHILDREN AS WELL AS RAISE THEMSELVES.  SO SINCE MY END OF APRIL IS WHAT MY END OF MARCH SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CELEBRATION OF WOMENS LIVES AND THE MEN WHO LIVE WITH THEM I AM DOING THAT NOW.  I HAVE SOME WOMEN AND MEN (HIGHSCHOOL, JUNIOR HIGH, COLLEGE AND OLDER) WHO TOOK THE TIME OUT TO GO OUT THIS MORNING. I DONT KNOW WHAT TIME I WAS BITCHING AND COMPLAINING TO HAVE A MEETING.  AND I WANTED TO BE NOSY.  SO I WAS TOLD ABOUT IT BUT THEY WANTED ME TO STAY INSIDE CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHY BUT I WANTED TO KNOW. SO I FIGURED BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. JUST GO. SO I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.  AND IF I AM YELLING ITS TO GET MY POINT ACROSS. ARE YOU LISTENING EVEN I KNOW WHEN I AM AN ASS! OKAY!      oKAY SERIOUSLY I DONT KNOW WHY ONE GETS OUT AND ONE STAYS IN BUT I HAD TO INCLUDE! 

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