A Dress You Have Never Worn!

Hi.  You know how you buy a dress and you never wear the dress? It just sits in your closet with the tag attached until you pull through your clothes that you put away and wallah there it is.  Well it has happened now.  Not for nothing, I am not a busty woman. I am actually rather flat chested and I figured it would be better off if I was chestier or had some help.  You know, water bra  stuff like that.  Not sure that I can wear it now but maybe in the future. It is a nice dress.  I will show you a picture too.  Ok got to go.
I am going to the hospital. I am hoping that I can chat to the people there about the medicine and the bills.   So I have to go you know.
And you know the funny thing is this dress is not a bad looking dress.
P.S.  Did you know this guy was like, I can’t see him anywhere but I can hear him. He says to take the cell phone and walk out the door. But I was going to walk out but not knowing where you want me to go I can’t actually go there. 
So you know how you have a foul mouth. Well I have to watch mine. It is coming back.  Not that it wasn’t there it just isn’t evident. So I have to go now.  I will put up the dress and show you later. 
Oh and the post for the Race Play is coming.  I have a new curse word I made up tonight.  Well actually a phrase:  you "scarab ass" meaning that you are eating the person from the inside like a poison, a fungus, a disease like HIV, Lupus or blood disease. 

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