Women Bloggers and Mr. and Mrs. Fitch the play

Hi.  I read an article which is the beginning of this blog entry.  It can be found on www.salon.com  under the Topic:  Women Writers, March 19, 2010  by Mary Elizabeth Williams.  You have to read it.  It is how "blogging" is now male oriented as to the content. And it is better suited for men than for women.  I don’t agree with that. But hey, I am writing as a woman.  And we write about what we think is important.  The problem is that other males and females may see us differently.  For instance, they call gay men and women the opposite sex. They call straight men and women the opposite sex.  And if anyone thinks that they don’t it isn’t the truth.
But I disagree with the fact that men should blog only.  Men blog about topics from a different perspective than women. And they also have a difference of opinion.  But if you could write like a man as a woman would you want to do it?  Think of it now, for a day you have the brain of a man. Pick one you hate,  and then write like him. Is it the same writing or is it different?  Is it a noticeably different tone of voice?  How about someone in your town that you absolutely despise?  Would you want to write like him/her?  Either sex? And then read this article. Would you see it differently?
On to another topic for you to think about:  do men writers get paid more than women writers? If you look at the Root, they have a section about salary. You might find it interesting to look at if you have the time.
For those in the know:   we talk about maternity leave for women and men.  How is it that we are allowed up to six weeks after the delivery of a baby in some companies while others may give you up to two full months and then you have to take the family medical leave act.  I ask because I have to go and look it up for an article and it had me wondering. Plus I got some munchkins who had to take care of some things at the hospital. I am on my way to take care of some things too. So I don’t know if I will see them or not.  They are in charity care where I am going too.  So hopefully it won’t be long. They say I am so happy to not have maternity leave. Well that is a lie. I set it up a couple of years ago that I could safely have a baby and take some time off of work and raise them until I had to go get work outside the home again. It isn’t easy to plan. And I had the basis. But hopefully, it won’t be long now.  I have to sign off and chat laterz guyz.  More later.  Then post.

Women Bloggers



I would say that people have always had this idea that men and women are different people proven out by scientific evidence.  They even go so far as to say that you can actually change someone’s sexual orientation through learned behavior. But however, we think that it isn’t something to discuss often. 

However, today the topic is more about what you the consumer likes to read. If you like what they write regardless of sex then the topic under discussion isn’t much of a topic.  But if you prefer to read one over the other than it might be.  I like to work with male bosses.  Why?  Because I get left alone more often than with women bosses. Plus male bosses tend to not like female problems.  And not that they run for the hills but that they just would much rather not know your problems in a very real way.  Of course, you could have had my last boss who would show you his chest by pulling up his shirt in the office (oy vey my mistake) to show where he had an injury or a mole.  So sorry, my mistake. Please don’t show me again. What cracks me up is he showed get this the whole damn office. What the hey?  But he did leave me alone for the most part and then it started- can you get me this, can you drop that, can you speak to him, can you call on this…. But I am busy…no I need this done now. Well okay but this won’t be done until later.  That is okay as long as this gets done, I need it now.    So let me see- should I have not liked my boss?  Hmm. You would have to know what he did to us that day in the office when we weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom.   Oy vey!  But you don’t need to know that. 



Hehehehehhe!  I love this new invention. Strikethrough  now you can see me cross out what I wrote and I don’t have to write delete anymore.  Love it guys love it! And then there are the borrowers.  You know who we are. We borrow what we like from your work box and use it to our hearts content. So okay some of it isn’t bad and some of it is but it depends.  So I borrow a lot of things from other people in their work day.  One of which I like is the character road map. Have I been able to do it?  Not the way I’d like too.  So for those who blog if you do have a way of blocking out your stories if you use the character map how does it work for you? It doesn’t well for me.  But I want to learn how to use it well. 

Well all right, I hope that this blog entry helps you out with the topic that was under discussion.  

I have to go now.  You may not see me again in this week. So…

For those in the know:  the mind is a terrible thing to waste or to play with. And we should appreciate our saner moments as well as our crazier moments.  And once we lose it then it may never come back to you the same. But hopefully, one thing will remain true:  no matter where you end up what lies beneath your skin is something worth keeping or worth using.  

Chat ya laterz folks.


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