February -Black History Month

Well, I can’t tell you about the history. Lol! And I am a History Major. Go figure.  No, got to read up to do that.  No today I just thought I would share this with you.  Your parents are your history.  And the history you have is that they gave birth to you, maybe loved you and raised you, gave you up for adoption and loved you or raisied you and kicked you out.  So I guess this is my point:  that is your history and if your black that is your black history.  So learn it, learn from it and then teach someone.  If you can and if you can’t then just pray. LMAO! 
So okay, it is 3:25 pm and I am about to head outside into the dark blue yonder.  hehehehehe.   Okay so not funny.  But if I don’t get back to you soon, I hope this post lets you know there is more to history than your history books and the people whispering in your ear that this is for you to know.  What they teach you is just as important but maybe not the be all to who you are. 
So take a note:  Take this life God has given you, plant what you need and take what you need.  And repeat what it is you repeat.  Cuz if its stolen like the girl from Germany (you got to read it she was like Hell Yeah I plaigirized but you know it really is just honoring what they wrote and taking it to a new level. So why you kicking my ass out?)  posted they don’t think you real anyway.
Chat ya laterz gals and guysXXXXOOOO.

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