This is Bullshit!!!

December 1, 2009 Would you impersonate a preacher?  an imam?  a teacher? a police officer?  a woman?  a man?  that woman?  that man? hairdresser?  receptionist? secretary?  mother? grandmother?  how would you do it?  would you do it for 8hours, 7 hours, 3 hours?  a month?  a year?  an hour?  hmmm.  what about idicocy?  would you impersonate idicoy?  tap into someone’s laptop?  computer?  aunt? enemy? acquaintance? rape crisis counselors?  no right?  you’d be the first in a long list of woulds.
February 16 2010
Hi.  I am running late. I overheard someone being asked to meet someone.  And they were like don’t leave me here all day.  So I am on my way out of here.  And I just wanted to touch base.  The reason for the above has to do with impressions, being bothered, being harassed and being truthful versus lying.  To what do we owe ourselves.  Don’t know the answer to that.
 AS to the other question- I am unable to answer  your question for a number of reasons.  First off, if I misunderstood you then its a misunderstanding and all you have to do is repeat it when you see me.  Second, if I didn’t then I don’t believe you got the wrong answer.  Why?  I don’t know who you are talking about unless you are addressing me which again goes to communication.  I don’t know how the other people think.  I can tell you from my experience that when I first had talked about it, (an example would be religion christian versus muslim)  for a couple of hours or maybe the whole day or week they asked about it. Not face to face but otherways.  So if my response was not satisfactory take into account the situation.  I have not mentioned it alot because each time I do, its always the same thing.  You or someone else comes in and starts to ask about it and say you can’t do that.  Why? Because you don’t believe I should?  And if I believe in it and choose to make that a part of who I am why should you deny me that?  Because to stop you from asking what I thought was an inappropriate question at the time, I said to you yes or no; or both.  And then afterwards continue to tell you that is what I believe and how I choose to live my life when I am capable of doing it and enjoying it?  Do not make the mistake as to thinking this was a desire for anything other than self preservation which you think I am unentitled.  It is not. 
Okay done.
Chat ya laterz.

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