Change Title from This is Bullshit to Food for Thought

Okay so as to not offend anyone this last portion goes to a couple of conversations that have been had and overheard so don’t think this is to any one particular conversation all right?  And also, as to the aspect of religion think of it as saying that you can’t go to a church because you aren’t what the church feels is the right type of person to go there.  You have to fit a style. You may find that out yourself.  I went to what some called the "Fashion Plate" church.  Insulting to some right? (the preacher got insulted.)  You should see the clothes.  My point is that I am not telling you the right thing to say or do. In my experience is the key words.  Not in yours or anyone elses.  So for those who have had similar experiences then you can understand where I am coming from.
The other thing is that I am making a request for those who are surrogate moms and egg donors to participate in an interview for a piece I am doing for submission to an online magazine.  If you are interested please send an email to me. I have no timeline because I am not on a deadline. I am submitting it to be considered for a freelance position there.  So if you are interested and don’t mind, please forward the email. 
I am unable to pay for your story it would just be you donating your time.  So if you are interested please let me know. 
The other problem is for those in the know  telling people that you are their saviour when you may not be is not the smart thing to do.  You will only bring their backs up and make them not want to deal with you or yours in any way.  I don’t know many people in that situation.  In fact, I don’t believe they would tell you that. I think they would tell you the opposite and smile in your face.  While all the dirty work is behind your back.  In other words, dont sleep or your a fool.

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