Too Offensive???

Okay so here is the situation.  It is an early morning conversation between a lot of people but only suppose to be through a couple of people.  So what comes out of this conversation: 
So they are discussing something.  I don’t catch what it is. And in the course of the conversation the lady says to her
                                                                           "you aren’t a woman. That can me that you are young minded or that
                                                                            you are a transvestite or a man.  The person she was talking to under-
                                                                            stood it to mean that she was any of the three.  So her response to the
                                                                            lady was So then (not sure of the exact wording) then you are a trans-
                                                                            vestite.  I can see that.  What you shouldn’t do is never call a woman
                                                                            not a woman and a man not a man.  And if you aren’t a transvestite than
                                                                            you aren’t. But you shouldn’t be offended even though you will be because
                                                                            I wasn’t calling you a transvestite." 
So that is the portion of the conversation.  Do you think it was offensive; too offensive or not?  Keep in mind that lives have been lost over this type of comment and this comment in particular.  So just leave a response for that if you can. For those in the know:  The lady was offended or man. Not sure which. I believe it was a lady but from what they said in the interim it might have been a man.  So just drop a line and let me know. 
I have a new phrase today:  Fakes, freaks, geeks and sneaks.   You know the phrase freaks and geeks.  Well I added two words.  I think it covers every group in the highschool, college and life.  So hopefully you may use or coin it. 
Gotta go.

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