Thoughts on today because of the phras “Game Over!

Okay so you all know the movie- game over. spy kids.  its a good movie.  i have watched it many many times.  anyway, today we have a young person who was crying earlier.  i dont know why but she wants to go out to her mommy/family.  and she wants to go out so that she can go back to having a nice "normal" life. ( i hesitate to use the word cuz i BANNED it) so anyway,  thinking in terms of game over when you think of the phrase do you think of it in terms of being bad to say; being good to say or being evil to say.  i think of some of that but i normallhy just think of a video game or a tv show or of one of the above.  and you can’t say it to the kid.  even if its a teenager. 
plus you have to know the rules.  what is good to say or not say.  but mostly know if you just piss them off and no matter what its all wrong for you to do absolutely anything that they say is not for you to do.  And if they say that then what of them and their high and mightiness is it even fair for them to say that?  sour grapes?  i think so and I think not. 
of course this is all nonsense to you.  but it makes sense to me.
gotta go now.  fly by ya later.

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