A Night Out-In More Ways Than They Know. Fly By!!!

So its the 13th.  Its Tuesday.  I am not in a happy or unhappy mood.  I am actually a little angry becauze I have a headache and someone trying to poke shit into my brain instead of leaving it the hell alone.  In fact, what they should do is stop trying to inebriate me with their fluidity of words and their sincerity of insincerity.  In other wros stop all the bullshit and start getting real.  do you think they can do that?  cuz i got to tell you i am seriously doubting that as of right now.  and i dont think they will.
October 14, 2009- Hello folks. I am ready to go out but I am very tired. I took my walk this morning. I wanted to knock on some doors at like 5 am in the morning. I am not really sure that is okay though.  I should have though. I did pass by someone. They had on a shirt that I hadn’t seen in a while or at least it looked like the same shirt.  Could have been different.  Some guy just drove by and was talking on his phone or something.  A little loud because I heard him.  Anyway, I am in the mood to not be sad today because I was sad earlier.  And I am not in the mood to ruin my day.  
Hey ya’ll I got my first blog post.  It was cool.  Except I still can’t sign in. So I have to send an email about that.  But I did get the first post.  I like what they say. I understand it even if I don’t always agree with it and what they say.  I can relate to where they are coming from because I have the same questions that I have asked actual people that I know.  And I don’t know that many but I did speak with some on a daily or semi daily basis. 
I have to go talk to someone. I have been told that we are on the internet. And we truly really don’t want to be on the internet.  We would like people to respect our privacy. In other words we can’t see what you do in your own damn homes get that- unless you are attached to something which shall remain nameless. Now in other words what we are saying  is you have to get this straight- you are invading someone like rape.  And that is more personal than you know  And for all those who have no idea what this means I suggest you find someone that does. 
[ deleted ] 
So okay no more bullshit. I did have a topic to talk about today and I wanted to discuss it.  Most of this is being erased before I actually post.  But I like to air out my thoughts.  Helps me think before I write.  Okay, so here is my topic:   Being true to yourself.  Being true to your life.  Being true to your family.  Being true to your religion.  Being true to your schooling.  Being true to your hatred. Being true to your liking. Being true to your loving.  What does that mean exactly?  So before I start you are asking about hatred right?  No it is exactly what I said being true to your hatred.  Who the hell do you hate and be honest now because its the same person who you have persecuted in some way your whole entire life.  In other words to claim that you are friends with someone and not ever talk to them but talk about them all the time makes you a liar and a hater.  I would be a hypocrite to say I am not talking about myself to you.  To say that means you are not being true to yourself and your hatred.   Being true to your schooling and I don’t mean book learning.  I mean the kind of learning a man/woman, a street vendor, a music artists and a police man can give you.  Not just going to jail, or going on a plane ride or even being ridiculed in public, not a radio talk show host spitting  "news"  on the radio but all of that combined.  If you take what they can give you then maybe you are true to your schooling.  But if the feel that you are just too dumb for words then they try and help you out and repeat it all over again meaning you aren’t true to your schooling.  Maybe the schooling they need is this:  Learn who you are and who you are not.  Learn who you were seen as. Learn who your spouse sees you as. Learn who your boss sees you as.  Learn who the "speakers that be" see you as.  Then maybe you are true to your schooling. Because schools’ out and whether you are an adult or a child you need to remember what they told you or not.  Don’t consider them friends or family if they aren’t for you.  If you are truly for this family or this person and only you know that, no God, no other person can tell you that.  That is your schooling.  More on the topic tomorrow of:  Being true to your liking.
You need to stop reading what isn’t for you to read.  Do your lesson as it is assigned.  What does that mean?  It means when you talk to me and I mean actually talk to me then you get your understanding.  Oh shit I got to go by the school cuz I didn’t go yesterday. I think I can get a ride.  Cuz its college this time (for the books. I don’t theink the high school or elementary has it but they might) and I might be able to pull the book I am looking for with that information regarding the writing thing.  I have to find a term and I can’t find it in my books I got here. Its pissing me off.  The term is postcolonial Orientalism.  And I haven’t heard it inrecent times.  So I wanted to know what it was.  Can’t find it yet.  You figure whoever had asian history got it but we didn’t.  I didn’t actually take to asian history.  It was probably in the middle eastern class I had but I sold that book back.
November 7, 2009 
November 25, 2009
Hi. I am upset.  I went to order a free phone to be sent to the house and do you know they called right up and the M decides to just cancel it out.  And it was a free phone for me.  You can schedule your own plan and everything. I had to take it back to Cingular to start with but it would have been okay.  So now, I am out of a telephone.  Sucks.
Okay I am going to start blogging for money.  So you should see it up soon.  I will give you the details.  Hopefully you will like it.  So okay I do a read through and post this.  gotta go.

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