Dog Sitting

I dog sat for the first time.  Can I tell you she was a pain in the ass that a capital ASS!  Now she is a puppy. They play around. But that puppy did not do what she was told over and over again.  Even I do what I am told after it’s repeated. Ok so she belongs to a family member.  So I can’t be that ignorant. But I got to say that dog was a pain in the ass.  And she finally poops, where, in the house on the carpet. Now where they live is where Trey and Jay lived earlier. They moved overseas. Names changed to protect identities.  So anyway they had a dog.  And it stank but more like air freshener.  She wasn’t that mad on the phone but I bet you she curse a hell of a lot before she called. 
We are back to square one. How many times do I have to tell you [deleted]- [deleted] [deleted]
Actually, I think she cursed a hell of a lot.  And then the funny thing is she got real docile.  I don’t know how to take that.  I think she is a Jekyll and Hyde pooch.  She sounds like a human and a human voice came out.  I am not lying. She got like a recorder or something near her in her carrier or something.  Or it could be just the walls. She sounds like someone I know when they whine. But I whine so you know she sounds like me.  But seriously, she sounds like a friend or a family member when she whines.  No names.  And she is a giggler.
I am a good person I am. Except I wanted to pop that pooch so much the other day.  Do you know that she decided to chew on her throw rug. And she had already tried to chew up her bed.  Do dogs teeth? I guess.   So I let her chew until it got bad. Then I stopped her.  So any dog owners who may read, drop a line on good obedience course or good dog stories. Maybe we get a conversation going.
I woke up this morning pissed off.  Okay so you understand my anger.  I have a health problem. To go into it would be a long schlong story.   Okay skip the schlong. But still a long story.  I have a problem with being woken up at around 3:00 a.m., by serenade.  You want to piss someone off. How people around here don’t complain I don’t know. I complain loudly and they can hear me which is ten times scarier.  The worse part is that if you go outside and I have done this, you can’t find them anywhere.  They are inside houses or not even in your vicinity.  I tried.  Not recently.  I was going out this morning but I got cold.  It happens ALL THE TIME.  But I do try and find so I can do that. It was good. Quiet for a couple of weeks.  Then wham! someone got loud and started SERENADING.  You want to know why- names not withstanding- they got angry for some reason. I don’t even think someone mentioned a name.  But they got mad and started serenading and starting dropping names about one thing or another.  It’s not a good situation.  That is what happens. It is quiet and then they serenade. You know why? They don’t like you.  They said you said something. You got loud and tried to hit somebody.  You threatened to sue them. ( I admit that when I get angry I am like most NJerseyeans I threaten to sue.  You know when you get hurt and stuff. But you can’t guys and this is because they might just be real nasty.)  Or you threatened their family. (deleted )  We all threaten to kill someone because we are angry but i don’t know anyone personally who has actually ever done that.  All of these reasons and others I am sure. But that is what happens when I notice it.  Cuz when they don’t bother me I don’t pay attention.  I don’t think that is right either though.  They just piss me off.
So I thought Friday, be better. No,  You know why?  Mention my ex-job and you piss me off more than you know.  They get upset, but the reason is I can’t stand that job. I say nice things because funny things happen but do I want to go back there?  Hell No!  You know why?  Let me reiterate all the bad things: wait, that is redundant.  Lets just say if you want to work there, more power to you.  I won’t discourage you… [deleted]  Should you be offended?  Hell No!  You are the GODDAMN Boss!  Unless you just a minion.   I would much rather work out of my home.  Now if I did that there you know the problem?  His nosy ass would always be around. 
If I don’t like my job I leave.  No shit no mess.  I did the wrong thing at the last job.  Make no mistake it won’t happen again. My mouth is SHUT!  You won’t see me anymore.  I won’t talk shit about you so you know what don’t talk shit about me.   
So I will be quiet in a little bit but first:  We are through.  You need to have a memory check:  Here goes.  This whole time you have repeated the same shit on a different day.  You think that working for three to five years or however long you have worked isn’t hell enough.  No you have to go and repeat it what for because you got hurt because your daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson,… whomever it is in your family gets angry and says I can’t stand you.  Well you know what would happen if you  would learn not to be something or try something.  And that is self explanatory.  Not really.  Hmm. Maybe that is self explanatory.   They do it to you all the time to people and to me.  Well enough is enough. All that talking needs for you to stop and listen.  No more.  You hear me? No MORE! After all that has happened and you are still trying to say something isn’t really whose it is- you think you would get it right by now.  You haven’t.  No more.  You hear me?  No MORE!
 I am waiting for something I guess.  I signed up for this newsletter.  I think I have a THIEF!  She know who she is.  Anyway, I am waiting for an email. And hopefully it will be okay.  It is an email for Muslima’s (I think that is the term) or  young Muslim girls and women.  I signed up because I have an interest in their religion.  So I read up on it.  But it accepted my subscription but I can’t sign in yet. I don’t know why. I heard that I might have to wait to receive the first blog entry.  But I haven’t had it confirmed by a real source.  And it is interesting. Because I haven’t ever heard of that.  But each to their own.
So I heard the cousin’s cousin. At least I think that they are related to each other.  And I believe they are cousins. So anyway I heard them chatting to each other but didn’t hear what they said. It was at the wedding. I think it wasn’t a happy conversation because they were angry.  Or just sad.
Okay so I don’t have much else to say.  Might post later.
100409: Okay, if I don’t get too angry I might have good news today.  Except this morning I woke up and they were chatting away in my ear.  It wouldn’t bother me except that I don’t want them to do that.  It doesn’t help me much.  Actually I was awake not sleep because I couldn’t sleep.  I had a little pain so it wasn’t because of the pain. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. I mean my eyes at one point were like half mast. But no no sleep. Sucks.
 Okay guys I got a boon. I had requested to be a judge in a writers contest for new and established authors.  And remember I had told you that I hadn’t gotten it and was disappointed because they had appointed someone else. Well apparently that was false because I got the emails and stories  just yesterday. So I have to have it completed by mid November.  I like to read so it shouldn’t be hard.  Plus I have another story to finish critiquing.  I just sent a quick email so that they knew I didn’t forget it.  It would be rude to not respond you know.
So I am psyched.  This means I am making in-roads in networking and the writing community.  Hoepfully I will continue to do so.  I am still thinking of changing the pen name.  I haven’t decided yet. I do belong to a couple of groups for writing. I think at last count it was two groups.  Maybe three but definitely two groups.  I had an invitation in one but the lady rescinded the invite.  She didn’t want to be involved for a reason. So she will probably wait until she is more established and invite people in to her group. I  am sure she has a lot of people though.  She has a couple of books published it looks like so she is established already.  Another guy he seems nice but he doesn’t chat with you.  He just kind of sits in the chat room.  I think he doesn’t watch his computer.  He probably signs on and is like a web master or something.
I have a beginning story for you.  Let me know what you think.  I don’t know if you will actually comment or not because they don’t show up much here.  So we shall see.  Okay here it is:

These are the last words s/he said to me:  Then you have no life for her/him.”  And she walked out the door.  I haven’t seen her/him since then. 


Going back a couple of months because this all happened within the last year.  We were fighting as always; money, work, living arrangements, you name it. The embarrassment factor was way high.  They didn’t seem to care that they were doing it much but I later found out that they did care. 


S/he wasn’t doing anything with her life; according to everyone.  But I didn’t feel that way all the time;  just some of the time.  She was writing and also working in a telemarketing/customer service position.  S/he had a part time job at Walmart’s and C.V.S., and was a published author for a novel and a lyrics writer.  S/he was doing all right for herself.  Just had made enough money to move into her/his  apartment.  She was also trying not to get a roommate but she broke down. It would save her money to get the roommate.  So that is what she advertised for in the paper.  Then wham!, motor vehicle accident along with a nervous breakdown. S/he started screaming in her car at the light.  No one knew why.  S/he was just sitting there; and started to scream.  Luckily there was a police car nearby so he got another driver to drive her car to the side of the road and he pulled her out and put her in the front seat of the police car he had.  And then he phoned for an ambulance and requested a psychologist there on scene.


Now, jumping forward to present day, about a week before s/he says that to me:   S/he had gotten better.  S/he had medicine which s/he took religiously.  S/he also went to therapy.  

Based upon what you are reading do you think that this person should have said that?  Considering you don’t have a lot of information.  And you don’t know what was said in the conversation.  How would you feel if they said this to you?  I wouldn’t like it if I didn’t know or understand why they said that.  I also would want to know the full conversation.  So if you want drop a line.  


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