Back to the Drawing Board

So my assignment got cancelled.  They hired someone else for it.  By the way, I am now not enamored of my laptop still being broken.  But that is how the cookies crumble.  So I have to wait for some work and by wait I mean for a response.  I also am asking questions about anyone who has either been under house arrest or knows someone under house arrest.  I am thinking about doing an article on it.  So if you do know someone or are that someone then drop a line.  I am specifically looking for your experience and your impressions of those around you and how they treat you. If you think that experience was better than actually being incarcerated behind bars.  How did you live if you were by yourself or did you live with parents?  Also food wise, was it delivered, did you work?  These are just some of the things I am looking for to be answered.
So hey, I am a fan of Facebook.  It is okay.  I like Twitter.  Its more of a text in progress.  I like Tagged. Although I only been there once or twice.  But you know what my favorite thing to do now is, no not Myspace although I like the blogs,  no it is reading an online magazine.  But I dont’ get it all the time.  You can find it on google.  Its like hit or miss cuz I can’t always remember the web address.  But it is a cool thing to do.
Okay so I am really talked out apparently cuz I ain’t got anything to chat about now.  So I will chat ya laterz.
100209:  Okay so I am ending this post.  I hope that you like it.  If not, complain in writing and send a comment. 

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