First Day Of School 2009-2010 I AM A Substitute Teacher

Okay guys, I got called in until further notice to take the place of a paraprofessional or a teachers aide in a school district near where I reside.  So today was my first day.  And I have to tell you as first days go it wasn’t so bad.  Wasn’t so great either.  In fact, just by writing this I am inviting the wrong kind of attention. So I won’t bore you with details about my day.  Suffice it to say, that I wasn’t great, I wasn’t horrible, the people were present and verbally accounted for and I saw some new faces.  I got asked the question, do you have any kids here.  Now here is the tricky part, because I like children, I call other people’s kids my honorary kids. As for my kids, they are young.  Some not so young but young.  You get what I mean.  They are now in school. But I don’t know that they have a good time.  I am hoping the munchkins and that goes for the high school too, have a good day.  Not too horrible.  But some of them didn’t.   I can’t blame them.  How does it feel when someone tells you they got permission to do something that you think is not the right thing to do on any level.  But how do you not get that- or maybe you do and you do it anyway.  I can say I been there and done that but with or without permission.  And I hope this doesn’t post before I am ready.  You never know.
I have to of course make sure I pay attention.  I have to of course, make sure that I am appropriately aware of the students.  I got to admit I still don’t understand what they do but hey, you learn.  And you learn how to teach the class you want from a watchers viewpoint.  But as a substitute it is just as hard.  I didn’t hear anyone crying today.  I thought that I might have heard that.  I was kind of expecting it cuz someone cries off and on.  But I didn’t hear any.  So I am hoping all was well for the most part. 
Okay, so assessment- on a scale of one to ten I was like a four or a five.  Not to good and not too bad. But I suck at math and didn’t do the problem right.  But I didn’t figure that out until later when the teacher went over it.  So now I have to brush up on math.  I suck.  I wonder if the I sat with actually had that schedule at one point.  Cuz I think she said she can’t do math either.  So I dont feel too bad.
I was hoping for something today but I didn’t get it.  And I dont know that I will.  I have to obtain some information and make sure it is ready.  But I didn’t get it today when I got home. That is what I need to do.  So I am sure it is important.  Like just a phone call. It is a very important phone call. I need some names too. Because the babies and the adults can’t go through much more.  092309
092409:  Nothing
092709:  Okay so I had a first half week. And the problem here is I am okay but not great.  I sit down and they want you to walk around. But I got to tell you, I get dizzy and I don’t get the walking around part.  Those kids will either pay attention or not.  In fact, they may actually ask questions or not.  But that is what they want you to do.  Now the funny thing is that the one class, they tend to talk a lot amongst each other but they also talk to the teacher a lot.  There are two new teachers and the rest I believe are old.  So I thought I heard my name on Friday but I wasn’t near an announcer or loudspeaker.  So I have no idea what they said.  But I did overhear an interesting conversation. Although I couldn’t tell you who it was exactly. People have similar voices. 
Okay so one last thing before I end this post- but not yet posting it:  I have a stowaway and I may have found the stowaway. But not sure though.  Hopefully I will  find out.  And if what they say is true, then I know who is doing something.  So I have at least a starting point for that.
Until next time I post.

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